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My entry for Steinerei 2016 in Stuttgart (Brickfilmfestival in Germany). The Topic was "absurd". Special requirements use "nun", typical "middle-class person" and "grilled chicken".

A family visits an old gothic minister. Inside, they will experience strange moments.

Hope you enjoy the movie I would be glad to get critics and other feedback.

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A touch odd, and maybe too long. But brilliantly shot, well animated, cleverly compiled, and funny! Good work!

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The sets and lighting in this is fantastic. Not a super big fan of the joke or the IP references but still super impressive. The look of the stained glass is spot on.

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Without the context of the festival I was very confused watching this. It sort of felt like it was being weird just for the sake of being weird, without any story to guide it. I think this is the fault of having to force in the special requirements of the contest, rather than your ability as a film maker; seems like a weird way to run a contest. Anyway, technically it's really impressive, the sets and lighting are beautiful, you did a really good job there.

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mini/eh Okay, that was something else....

The sets and the animation were great, but I was very confused with the story. It was well done, but really weird, but I'm guessing that was your intention?

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Mudskipper wrote:

A touch odd, and maybe too long. [..]

From an objective point of view you are right, 3min may be a little bit too long for a movie with less particular Story. I tried a trade off between screen duration of the atmospheric set and showing too much of none story.
One question: which shot might be trimmed or could be deleted?

William Osborne wrote:

[..] It was well done, but really weird, but I'm guessing that was your intention?

Yes It was my main focus.

I am very glad that even those of you who do not like the joke or the weird story found some points they liked pretty well. Espacially the look of the stained glass took some time to set up, so thanks for realizing it.

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I really enjoyed this. The set design and lighting is phenomenal. Not sure I completely understood the humor, but when the nun with the fried chicken and the mariachi popped out I couldn't help but laugh, so it must have worked on some level. Fun film.