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The story of a man with birds on the brain.

A short film created originally as an exclusive for the Bricks in Motion Collection DVD/Blu-ray.

Featuring the voice talent of Aaron Bulger and Philip Heinrich.

Written and Directed by Philip Heinrich.

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Honestly, I can't get enough of this short, and I'm not sure why; I guess I just really like absurd comedy. The animation is very good, and feels natural, some of your best, I'd say, but the voice acting is what really makes the film stand out to me. I love the detail of the creaking chairs, as well. I laugh every time I watch this, amazing work. mini/smile

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Always a pleasure to see what you have got in store for us. This one was especially entertaining.

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Puffin, puffin.  Puffin puffin puffin.  Puffin? Puffin puffin.  Puffin!

I remember you posting some of the work in progress frames a while back, and it's great to finally see the finished product.  It's a fairly simple and straightforward short, but well done, and the Helios gives the film a really nice quality.  The humour/comedy is great, and I love the twist at the end.

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I hope this condition isn't contagious via Youtube...

Anyhow, wonderful job. This was awesome!

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This is absurdly hilarious. I loved the set and the way it was lit and framing was nice. Nothing too fancy but very solid cinematography. Very enjoyable piece of work. Puffin puffin puffin!!!!!!!!!