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Lego Wild Western 2

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We have finally finished our "Lego Wild Western 2"!

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Wow! Despite this being a pretty violent and gritty film, the humor worked nicely as a good contrast. mini/smile

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You mean 14 minutes long film;
I've been lately interested in spaghetti westerns, and myself working on a few ones, quite shorter than this, so seeing this right now is quite convenient from this point of view.
There where very many things that I liked, some that I didn't. First of all, great set building, lighting and minifigure choices. I saw great effort in these three things, and they worjed out very well.
Another hugely good thing was the music choice, I think that perfectly fitted the genre.
Now there are a few things that I don't feel fitted in the genre: the action-movie like camera movements are not something that would be seen in a western, definitely not in a post-1964 Spaghetti western, and that bothered me a bit. The pacing therefore was too fast sometimes, for example towards the ending. What I felt was missing was an actual western duel. There could've been one right at the end, but instead there was that 

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cool matrix-like bullet dodge (cool, but again didn't fit) and the knife fight

The way the movie was directed would have been very good for an action flick, but a western movie isn't about action. It's about tension, great scenery, slowness. Don't get me wrong, the movie was good, I would've rated it 3.75/5 (instead I've put a 4/5 rating) because it can be seen that there was a lot of effort, but as said there where just a few things that could have made it a 5/5 if dealt with differently. If there's a third movie planned I'll look forward to it.