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My Dog - Music Video

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The music video of the song by Tinnitis, performed by Michael Tourette. This was a real pleasure to animate, I enjoyed every second of it. I hope you also enjoy it.

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Nice work! You did a great job animating the dogs.
My favorite part was when the singer

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started to crawl around like his dog mini/lol .

The song was also good,with some funny lyrics.

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Re: My Dog - Music Video

Really great video! mini/bigsmile I'll have to agree with 1999Mrlegoman, that part was pretty funny. mini/lol

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I'm pleasantly surprised at the efficient pace you completed this video!  I want' expecting it for at least another week.

The video started out good, but the entire second half was hilarious!  I had no idea what you were going to do with my song until its released, and I was pleasantly surprised!

The minifigure, except for the head being yellow, looks exactly like me!

The video is really worthy of the spirit of the song.  Eternal gratitude.

This is the second collaboration roject I've done, the first being Mariana.  I have plenty of scripts in various genres and Tinnitis songs, and if anyone wants to animate but needs material, let me know.  Contact holdingourown "at" ymail "dot" com


EDIT: Oh, by the way, this is from the most recent Tinnitis album, "Dawkins vs the Monkey Shakespeare Simulator" (2013)

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Re: My Dog - Music Video

@HoldingOurOwn I'm so pleased you liked it. It's funny that my Minifigure I chose happened to look like you,  because that's pretty much how I pictured you looking mini/smile As I said before, I really enjoyed making this one, and if you would like me to do another film for you, some time in the future, I would be more than happy to do so.

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One more thing: The mouth animation you did is some of the best I've seen.  I'm not a fan of cgi mouth movements because it's rarely done well.  And it's my personal preference.

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Re: My Dog - Music Video

I enjoyed this, and thought it was pretty funny. mini/lol
I liked the way you animated the dog movements.
One thing I noticed was that there seemed to be a lot of clay when the dog had a bone, I'm not sure if that was supposed to represent teeth?
Anyways, good job making a video that went very well with the song!
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Re: My Dog - Music Video

No, it wasn't my intention to to use the clay to represent teeth. That was just an error of mine. Sometimes it's almost impossible to hide clay when you're using it for things like this, although I probably could have hidden it more in this situation. Thanks for your kind words, I am glad you enjoyed it.