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App Man Episode 2

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2/4 The Lost Son -
Adam reunites with his long lost brother, Andrew. Together, they must fight against Bufferman and the Glitchers, his henchmen.

Filmed using Zu3D Studio 3 software.

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Re: App Man Episode 2

Congratulations on finishing this! Your animation and story telling is definitely improving! Keep up the good work!

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Re: App Man Episode 2

Thank you, Rivvm m. I was really pleased with how this came out. Thanks for being part of this, I couldn't do it without you.

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Good job, William!

It had a good story to it, I like the villain, especially how he uses loading circles to hypnotize, that was funny. Many of the details felt scrambled, though. For example, we suddenly learn that this guy that ran away is App Man's brother (which was a good addition, the big reveal just seemed too sudden, especially because I didn't know the first scene was supposed to be a flashback). I also felt that the part where AppMan reveals that BufferMan has been "leaving dead bodies all over" town was a bit odd, because we didn't know that this guy was actually evil until then (we thought he was just hypnotizing people and fighting AppMan). Finally, the part I found the strangest (especially for a super hero to say) was "I won't go back while BufferMan's still alive". Even if BufferMan did kill people, it's not up to AppMan to kill bufferman, it's up to him to put him to justice; that may mean jail, but certainly not killing (because then AppMan would be a killer).

Sorry for that long paragraph, but you had a long film! mini/tongue Overall, I really enjoyed it, especially the story, it's just that a few things I thought I'd comment on. mini/wink

Keep up the good work!

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Re: App Man Episode 2

Thanks, Rioforce, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I understand fully what you mean. My biggest enemy is time. With each episode, I want to tell a separate story, but then also having to make sure that the episode isn't too long. If I had an hour for each episode, then I would be able to tell the proper story that I want to tell. Due to my time limit, I did rush certain details - like with Bufferman being a gangster, for instance. When I had almost reached the end of the episode, I noticed that I never really had the chance to explain Bufferman's real motive. All we knew really was that he wanted to get rid of App Man, but not really 'why' he did. So, I quickly tried to explain that he was a gangster, but I agree entirely that that explanation was rushed. I admit that I did make a bit of an error when it came to that line about having to hide for as long as Bufferman lives. I really should have said "put to justice".

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I didn't se the first one, but when I heard this was released went back and watched both.  This is really well-written.  I always focus on the story first.  I love how the buffering symbol is used to hypnotize.   To have all cellphone/pocket tech themed plot elements, powers, etc. really makes everything work compositionally.  I'd like to see buffer-man return so we get more of his background, and maybe a strong female character- maybe a D.A. or crime investigator of someone.

Animation is very good, including masking and other special effects. 

And it was fun being App Man's father.  I love this series and hope to see him return so I can play him again.  Also, I love working on any project with Brick7 in it.

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Re: App Man Episode 2

Good job keep it up your doing great


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Re: App Man Episode 2

Thank you so much, guys. @HoldingOurOwn I'm glad you liked the story. More Bufferman, and a strong female protagonist is exactly what you will see in future episodes. Adam's father will have a small appearance in ep 4. If you would like to play other parts in the future, let me know.

Re: App Man Episode 2

This was a very good episode William: the story was very good and continued on from Episode 1 very nicely!
Also your animation is improving!
Can't wait until the next one!

Re: App Man Episode 2

Very good Story and great idea with buffering symbol actually being hypnotic....... I really enjoyed this and your animation is really improving as is the reduction of light flicker - Nice job


Re: App Man Episode 2

Wow, I am so happy you enjoyed it!
@Slurping Animations, @legodave1, Thanks. I'm glad you think I'm improving as an animator, and storyteller mini/wink And about the reduced light flicker; Well, I think that's just because I finally found the best way to position the lamps. In the past I have made the mistake of positioning the lamps too close to the set, and seeing as Lego is very reflective, when I moved the minifigures, the light would bounce back and lighting would change. There were times in this episode as well, when I had some issues and had to re-shoot some shots, but I feel quite satisfied with the end result.

Re: App Man Episode 2

Very good. Nice animation. Better than the first one, even. Cool how you made them blink and stuff. You wouldn't mind if I borrowed your techniques, right? mini/wink

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Re: App Man Episode 2

No, that will be a copyright infringement mini/lol Just kidding. Yeah, sure. Of course you can mini/yes Thank you so much for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Re: App Man Episode 2

Wow. You're story telling is great. The plot is interesting, I'll give you that, and most intriguing. Excellent work.

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Re: App Man Episode 2

I love being a small part of this creative series.  Keep up the great work, William!

Re: App Man Episode 2

@Brick Blocks, @Brick7: Thank you so much. It was great to have both of you voice acting for me and I'm glad to have you for the following episodes mini/smile