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Trice Before


This is what would have been my THAC XIII entry, but it didn't get submitted in time.

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Really great use of sets, they look more lived in then any other living space I've seen in any other LEGO apartment/houses. Some neat little animation idea too!

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SlothPaladin wrote:

Really great use of sets...

I agree. Not only did the sets look very nicely constructed, but the clutter that filled them was also very well laid out. It's kinda hard to tell it's a THAC brickfilm - The animations, specifically on the static tv, and appliances in the kitchen going off, really seem well done.

The buildup is great, and, while I would have preferred a slightly different ending, the pacing throughout is superb. The lighting, too, could have been tweaked a bit - perhaps in a less evenly lit way. As it is, I feel like too much stands out within the rooms. And, while this could be chalked up to being a fault of using Lego, bright shiny plastic, as a medium by which to animate with - I feel that having the rooms just a bit darker in the corners (or around the TV) would have combated this a bit.

That being said, each shot is really nice to look at, though. The amount of detail in this is something to envy, and, again, the animations are done quite well. This is easily deserving of 3 or 4 stars, in my opinion.

I opted for the latter. mini/smile

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Great job dew. As always, an excellent effort even if it wasn't submitted in time. mini/smile

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I just HATE it when that happens! lol  Great job, Dew!  I love all the appliances going and the atmosphere of the whole film. 

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The guys here may not understand that you would have to completely undress to use the bathroom or you would wrinkle and squash such a fancy dress, which of course could cause you to mess up your hair and makeup in the process... luckily you have a fellow Brickchick here to explain such things!


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Brick 7, I missed you!  And thank you for explaining girl problems.

I also love the pleasantly-animted objects

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Nicely done! As other have mentioned, the sets are fantastic; they're detailed and the mod element is implemented in a clever way.

I'm sure you'll make the deadline next year mini/smile