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Brickworld 2009 is coming up in June (, and I'm the Cinema Coordinator for this year's event. I just wanted to put the feelers out there and see if any other LEGO animators were coming to the event, and also put out a call for films to be screened.

We're having two different screenings at the event this year:

1) One is an ongoing screening in one of the smaller meeting rooms. This will play on a continuous loop, and will likely be made up of older brickfilms that most people have seen, LEGO spots and promos, and things of that nature.

2) The other is a movie night for registered attendees. This will (hopefully) consist of newer brickfilms, pieces that lie outside the general public's idea of what LEGO animation "should be", and just stuff that no one's seen before.

In particular, I'm trying to track down entries from the "Go Miniman Go!" contest, as well as from the Nicktoons "Built By Me!" contest. Both screenings will run around 60-90 minutes, putting it at close to 3 hours of content.

Anyway, what we're looking for overall is work that should be seen by a larger audience. It could be a LEGO film you've made yourself, one you've seen made by someone else and think is great, an old gem you've recently discovered -- we're looking for any and all suggestions, really.

If you'd like to submit one of your films, please email me no later than May 31st, 2009 at [email protected] and include:

- Your name
- Your age
- A link to your film

If your film is chosen for inclusion, we will most likely ask for a high-resolution copy. Although we won't be able to fit everyone's film in, we welcome all submissions! And please don't send anyone else's film as your own!

Thanks everyone!

- David

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This sounds great!  I'll make sure to submit some of my stuff, hopefully there will be enough films though 3 hours is a lot of content.

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Nice, Paganomation. Are there any requirements to the film in terms of length or image resolution?

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Awesome! I'll definitely be there. I've been planning it ever since last year's Brickworld. mini/smile I've got some table space reserved so I can set up my laptop with a DVD of my stuff and a bunch of my sets and characters. I'll send an e-mail about a couple of my films that fit the bill. As far as suggestions of other films go I don't have much to offer. mini/confused Obviously Robota and The Magic Portal, but I'm sure you already thought of those...

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I'm planning to attend Brickworld this year and I'll hope to see all you  guys there! mini/bigsmile

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I won't be able to make it this year. mini/sad I can though show you something of mine.

EDIT: Aww it's passed the deadline

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Crap. Why didn't I see this before? I would've entered one of my films. Oh well, there's always next year.

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Just curious, did this happen?  I sent you links to my films but never got any requests for high-res copies.

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Yep, the movie night went ahead -- though, unfortunately, the age of the DVD player used at the event meant that the DVD compilation I put together was useless. I ended up playing most of the films I had off of my computer. Apart from the technical problems, people seemed to dig it.

I'm bringing my own DVD player next year.

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Hey, what films did you show?

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Here's a complete list of films shown with links. It differs a bit from my original playlist, but due to the aforementioned DVD problems, I had to cut and replace a bunch of things with whatever I had on my comp at the time. Also, this does not include films show during the ongoing public screenings, which I did not keep tabs on.

Anyway, here you go:

- LEGO ad - Magic Building on Pirates (
- Space Police Log 1 (
- 30 Years: the Story of the Minifigure (
- Mythbusters: LEGO Ball segment (
- Playback (
- LEGO ad - Crazy World 1974 (
- LCTV LEGO City Behind the Bricks (
- Weltraffer (
- Nathan Sawaya on the Colbert Report ( … eoId=91796)
- Green Promo (
- The Oven (
- LEGO ad - Kipper Advert (
- Zero Gravity Rebellion (
- LCTV LEGOLand Inauguration (
- Train 2 Catch (
- Unrenewable (
- Rapunzel ( … l_creation)