Topic: Star Hawk Episode 1 (New Sci-Fi) Casting Call

Star Hawk is a story that I've been working on for a long time. It's been through concept many, many times, and the script for the first episode is finally ready.

    Star Hawk is a science fiction series that takes place in the distant future on the planet New Earth years after the destruction of Earth. Here the Government resides, obsessed with the purity of Humans. The actual series follows Percy Alec, a young Government Officer, who has been stealing from the Government  for the pirate Xzith and his mercenaries. When he learns about the Antistar, a mysterious and powerful relic (sure to be worth thousands), he vows to steal it. Soon he is thrown into a galaxy-wide hunt that hopes to see him dead.

Send your Audition to:
[email protected]

If Chosen:
Please have good mic quality for the role.
If you are chosen to play a returning character, please be willing to stick with the project. I don't want to make huge changes and look for new voices halfway through the series.
Sorry I sound a little overbearing or needy, just I've put a lot into this and want it to work out mini/smile .


Robert Dennick
Dennick is the general of the human military. He is one of thee most recognized figures in the Government.
Dennick is the uncle of Percy and Jason.
Voice actor should have a deep -and possibly a touch gruff- voice. Ready to command at all times.
18 lines. Major Returning character.
Test Line
As many of you well know, our mighty government has tasked itself with preserving humanity across the stars. And ever since that goal was made, we have proudly protected it and served for the good of humankind.

Qwerty is Percy's accomplice during a robbery.
Voice should be medium or slightly high pitched.
14 lines. Returning character.
Test Line
All of that money and resources were poured into this place, and we tricked it with the most common piece of tech in the criminal empire.

Sardor is the lord of the Night Order, a group who's goal is to keep the Antistar lost. They will stop at nothing to keep people from finding it. Sardor is a strategic leader who tries to stay two steps ahead at all times.
Voice should remain strong, serious, and convey the serious aspect of situations.
Twelve lines. Major returning character.
Test Line
Correct. Then you know why we cannot allow him to steal the Antistar. Go.

Colstone is the Prime Minister of the Government. Colstone is an aged leader who has been in office for many years. Colstone is always searching for ways to expand his power, and he believes the Antistar is one of those ways.
Voice must be strong and unfaltering, the voice of a ruler. When reading test line, remember he is supposed to be old sounding, at least in his 60s. be prepared to speak long lines.
Four lines. Major returning character.
Test Line
You're wrong. There is a power that we can harness. It is called the Antistar.

Amira is one of the most important characters in the series. Amira is an assassin of the Night Order sent by Sardor to kill Percy. She is trained in many forms of combat and always completes her missions.
I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for in a voice for Amira... with this information, try to make your best idea.
Four lines. Major returning character.
Test Line
He doesn't care. With the money he's going to make, he'll be galaxies away with exchange to spare before any violence breaks out.

Jason Dennick
Jason is Percy's older brother and loyal worker for the Government. He happens to be a well respected official in the Government. Unlike Percy, he does not take place in any criminal actions.
For Jason, I'm looking for a medium pitched voice, and just sounds like an everyday guy.
3 lines. Major returning character
Test Line
Surely there must be a simple upgrade to improve our systems.

The Advisor is basically Sardor's servant and advisor. He brings anything that might be of interest to Sardor's Attention.
I would like the Advisor to sound somewhat formal, maybe even be with a British accent (accent not required).
Eleven lines. Returning character.
Test Line
I completely agree, Lord Sardor. Did you have anyone in mind for the job?

Xzith is the leader of the Sriacc, a group of mercenaries and criminals. Percy is a part of this group. Xzith is direct with people and gets what he wants.
His voice should be intense, he is upfront and says what he wants. Talks a bit quick.
Fifteen lines. Major retuning character.
Test Line
What are you doing? This is my operation! I'm the captain here, not you. I made you. And now here you are, telling me what I should do, and then asking for money to do it? Now, does that seem fair?

The Official is a security technician in a building Percy plans to rob.
Voice should be certain/factual, she knows what she's talking about.
Twelve lines
Test line
No, we hold a proud reputation for never being robbed successfully.

Vault Guard 1
Just the typical guard.
One line
Test Line
Wait, who are you? What are you doing here?!

Vault Guard 2
Just the typical guard.
One line
Test Line
Stay right there! You're under arrest!

Vault Guard 3
Just the typical guard.
Three lines
Test Line
Open up, this is security! Let us in!

Computer Voice
The computer voice is installed in the security systems. It announces security breaches.
Voice simply needs to sound like a computer could be reading lines. Can be male or female voice.
Three lines
Test Line
Please turn the security back on, or else we shall assume lock down mode.

Ground Control
Ground control communicates with Government Spaceships, sending instructions and orders.
Voice must be a nice and clear. Can be male or female.
Two lines. Minor returning character.
Test Line
Permission granted. Check in when the flare ends.

Augvale Captain
The captain of the ship the Augvale was the crew leader of the first attempt to find the Antistar. His voice will be played over a transmission.
Augvale captain must sound very scared during his lines.
Two lines (however one is long)
Test Line
Hello? Can anyone here me? I'm the Captain of the Augvale...

Unidentified Alien Voice
The unidentified voice will be must sound scary, possibly scratchy. The voice should sounds like if a snake could talk.
One line. Possible returning character.
Test Line
This is a warning for all of you humans listening... don't come back, or we will come for you.

Government Worker
This is just another Government worker.
Should sound skeptical, pointing out faults.
One line
Test Line
Wait a minute, those readings are impossible! No power source can charge anything like these up.

This is only the first installment in the Star Hawk series. Don't get worried if you don't make it in this time; there's a whole galaxy of Star Hawk characters on the way mini/smile .

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