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Vader's Joke Book


A hilarious story that goes throughout the original trilogy, Star Wars Rebels, and the force awakens!

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You didn't link to your video, you linked to your channel, as you wrote. Since this is a directory listing, it should link to your video instead, which is located here:

Just a heads up for future information. mini/wink

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I just fixed it for ya, but yeah what rioforce said. Please link to the video itself in the future. Thanks! mini/smile

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What completely destroys it for me is that everyone sounds about 12 years old. This joke only works if Vader sounds sinister and terrifying -- if he sounds like a cuddly toy all the impact is gone.

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yeah, sorry about the link. when i put it on BiM I hadn't uploaded it yet. i was hesitant to because it takes up all the wi-fi. and sorry about the voices!  mini/lol  I am thirteen, but I sound like I'm 8. lol