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People at BIM have been asking me if I have made any brickfilms, and I feel like since I am a member of the site I should have at least one brickfilm to my name, so here is a video that I made as an example for a stop motion class I taught at my local library's LEGO club.
It has it's problems, but they are mostly due to the fact that it was shot in one afternoon the day before the first class.

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Re: A Walk to the Park

I really like the concept behind this. Simple but a great example of the charm of stop motion. The animation is a bit slow, however. Increasing the frame rate might produce better results. Though, I understand that their may have been some limitations as you shot this on your iPod.

I hope to see more films from you this year!

Re: A Walk to the Park

Thanks for your input, the Stop motion studio app is actually quite powerful, it has different frame rate and resolution settings, titles, effects, drawing tools, a masking option, and even a (very basic) green screen option. Part of the problem was that my custom build iPod stand was too light and kept moving around. Also this film was shot at 6fps which is kind of slow, I usually try to do at least 8 or 10fps but I didn't have time, and at the time I had very little knowledge of walk cycles or easing, and I completely misjudged the amount I needed to move the car between frames. mini/sad
It served it purpose though, and inspired some younger children to make their very own stop motion. mini/smile
“But the enterprise in which I’m about to embark on is fraught with imminent peril.”