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Chef Makes Pizza For Customer

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Well done with this little animation. It was exactly what the description said mini/yes

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Neat little video, Super Squid. The animation is quite nice-I like bit of the chef making the pizza and the customer's expression changing. I suppose the only downside would be the quality. It appears to be a somewhat grainy and distorted. Perhaps it has something to do with your export settings.

Keep up the good work mini/smile

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I really liked the animation of the sauce being put on the pizza.  That was a nice use of replacement animation right there.

I'd suggest working on your walk cycle a little bit, though.  There should be at least one transitory frame twixt each step, in which neither foot is attached to either stud.  I used one transitory frame like this for walking in Pirates Rule, and I used two transitory frames for the cycles in How to Not Rob a Bank.  But ever since then I've used three.  But I do think that at least one is essential.

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Thank you all for such great feedback! mini/smile

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Great job. That was madly entertaining. mini/smile

My profile picture is deep fried lol