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Ferguson Country, USA


* This film contains violence and sensitive subject matter (racism). And possibly gluten or tree nuts. mini/wink

* There is no strong language or "adult" content--however, this film may not be for everyone.

* For the record WV does not think racism is a joke, and WV does not believe all law enforcement officers/departments are corrupt/racist/evil. We've had our share of encounters with the law... and always found they were just doing their job. But of course we're white.

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Re: Ferguson Country, USA

Wonderful representation of current events. mini/lol

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Re: Ferguson Country, USA

It's nice to see Lego being used to cover serious issues and make social commentary.  I'm not to thrilled with the stereotyping of police as demons, even though you did put a disclaimer about this not really representing the Furguson police.  Racism is serious (and pretty ridiculous) but there are powerful people in society who exploit race for their own ends and it's been done in Furguson.  I want to see the real racist cops off the street and faced with justice, like the one in Florida.  (A great allegory of racism and those who capitalize on it is Dr. Seuss' THE SNEETCHES from THE SNEETCHES AND OTHER STORIES.)

It was well-animated and the humor was darkly satirical.  I didn't watch the cat shooting part, though, so I don't know how violent that is.  Thanks for the clear message about the level of violence.  That poor guy who tried to stop the crook.  I'd like to see more brickfilm that teach moral lessons.

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I have to say I was a little worried how this one would be received--not necessarily just on this forum, but in general.

It's a touchy subject, and I myself am white--so I only really understand one side of it. All the recent stories (Florida, Ferguson, Chicago... ever read about the NYPD's ongoing incidents?) really got me thinking how I kinda had/have my head in the sand on the subject and never acknowledged or concerned myself with the problem.

Sadly we are seeing more and more concrete (video) evidence of this racial tension. And if we are seeing this much in this time of constant cameras/surveillance what happens/happened before cell-phones and dash cams were recording?

Again... it's not just the cross-section of law enforcement that's solely guilty... it's a reflection of our society as a whole. And it's been happening around the world forever basically. Can it be fixed or is it human nature? Do you truly know what your instinctual reaction might be in an extreme situation? What preconceived notions/beliefs will come into play in that situation?

There is an interesting recent documentary, Spanish Lake, which covers the story of St. Louis city housing projects gone bad, and the local government's attempts at solving the problem. The movie, I felt, was from a very "white" perspective... I don't mean that in a negative way, it was made by a white guy nostalgic for the town he grew up in, and the movie is very, very honest. It's really thought provoking because you may find yourself appalled by what you hear people say, but you may at the same time also understand their point of view. It's excellent, but it reveals a public opinion that is not isolated to St. Louis... this same housing-project situation played out the same way in most large cities.

And as for the "cat scene"... I was going for making him as awful as possible. As if assaulting old ladies isn't bad enough. mini/wink

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Re: Ferguson Country, USA

Racism is one side of the problem.  The other side are the people who exploit race, fostering hatred to advance an agenda or to exercise greater power.  Sadly to say, many powerful people who could do so much to bridge the divide actually generate animosity toward each other... even (or should I say especially) at the very top of our government.  I mentioned "The Sneetches" in an earlier post.  Not only was there racism, but there was also the charlitan Sylvester McMonkey McBean, who made a ton of money off the racism, and when the Sneetches learned their lesson, McBean already had all their money.  Certain politicians and MSNBC hosts, black and white, exhibit such traits.  Who wins by burning down your own neighborhoods and inciting violence? 

But they fail if we don't take the bait and instead stop judging people by their color, but rather by their character, like Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s dream.

But a good brickfilm gets people thinking, talking, looking at things from different perspectives.  (oh, and it doesn't HAVE to do that to be good).

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"None practice tolerance less frequently than those who most loudly preach it."