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Lego-Mo and Hamburger Dan


A kids show? Yeah... sort of. Four minutes of sheer stupidity.

Some early reviews...

"They can't all be winners."

"They spent HOW much time on this? Uh... Why?"
- Robert Ebert / film critic

* DISCLAIMER: Our next film, FERGUSON, USA, is pretty dark and cynical so we're offering this up as a palate cleanser of sorts.

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Re: Lego-Mo and Hamburger Dan

I like it it's so random with great quality on the production.

Re: Lego-Mo and Hamburger Dan

There were some really nice bits of animation in here.

Spoiler (click to read)

like burger dan's reaction to getting kicked and the spinning of little man

I thought that this was an improvement over your last couple fart centered ones, so keep it up.

Re: Lego-Mo and Hamburger Dan

I loved this! I can't remember the last time I saw a new Homemaker film, and the custom moveable legs are so nice that I think I might have to "borrow" the design if I make a Homemaker film of my own. The animation in this is really great and really added to the humour (particularly loved Hamburger Dan's reaction and the little guy's dizzy walking). Nice work!

Re: Lego-Mo and Hamburger Dan

I enjoyed this, it's great mini/smile

Re: Lego-Mo and Hamburger Dan

The animation was inspirational! I love the Mixal eyes

Re: Lego-Mo and Hamburger Dan

Thanks for all the compliments. Those homemaker people are so funny looking and potentially expressive--the trick is not having them fall apart between each photo!


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