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Horsing Around


An equus ferus caballus encounters the mobilizing reality of existentialism, while the humans around him find themselves as part of a peculiar event.

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That was pretty funny, good job!

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I should have seen that ending coming, but it was indeed unexpected.

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I've been wanting to use Horse with No Name for so long for a stop motion short! I've been listening to it quite a bit lately and I thought my iTunes had turned on accidentally!

Great film, I loved the twist. Because the scene with the fire was dark - I had to rewatch it to understand what had happened!

Great job!

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This is quite a nice looking film (dat resolution). The visual of the horse with the bandana robbing the bank was funny. I only wish there was more to the final shot, as I feel showing the horse and man in the frame at once and/or having them move would have sold it much better. I know that would be more difficult in THAC, though. Nice work.

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Oh, this is just so funny. I absolutely love this entry. This is definitely one of my favourites to win  mini/wink

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Your work on this was awesome. You did a really nice job on everything. Perhaps the night scene was a little too dim, and as Penta mentioned, it would have been nice to see the horse physically riding the outlaw, but that challenge was a bit above and beyond the scope of a THAC entry. It was neat to see what we had chatted about come to life, and it was almost exactly how I envisioned it, but then there were a couple surprises too! The horse yelling freeze at the flowers got me good! And the comically oversized bandanna covering his face made me laugh (I had pictured it smaller, but what you did took it over the top). The giddy-up ending was great. I hope you win it sir!

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This is really good.

The lighting around the campfire was nicely done, the resolution looks amazing... The song really fit the film, giving it a sort of humorous while western sort of feel. I couldn't help but chuckle at that horse holding up the bar...:lol:  and I watched it more than 4 times.

My only critique is that the animation could have used some more easing during the first scene, but that's a minor nitpick considering this is a THAC entry.

Regardless, very well done!

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I realized I haven't commented on this yet. At this point it doesn't look like there's much I can say that hasn't already been said, but I can sum up. mini/tongue
I really enjoyed this - the quality was great, and that song fit really well. I do agree that the fire scene was a bit too dark, but it wasn't too bad. The robbery scene was really great, and I was not expecting that last shot. xP

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I got some good laughs out of that film, It was pretty funny. I also love the quality. The animation was also pretty good and sets. Keep up the good work Liam! I can't wait to see more from you.

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