Topic: THAC XIII Casting Call [one IMPORTANT character needed]

Hello everyone,

I have one character I need voiced, and it's an important one.  It's not the main character, but this character has the most lines and has the crucial ones after a twist in the film.

GENERAL character (unnamed)
American or British accent, either is fine, just needs to be realistic.
Adult voice is needed, he should not sound like a kid trying to sound tough.
Something similar to the voice of Paladin Danse (Fallout 4) or Captain America (Marvel Cinematic Universe) would be perfect. The character is a military leader; he is patriotic and believes in what he is saying and truly cares for those he tries to help.

Test lines (both are speaking to the main character, who is dazed and does not know where he is):
"Good, that's exactly right. Son, you've been in a bad place for a long time."
"Everyone deserves freedom."

Email me an audition at "[email protected]" and we'll see how it goes!

Thanks, and good luck to all those entering!

Re: THAC XIII Casting Call [one IMPORTANT character needed]

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