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THACXIII is now concluded.

The official THACXIII playlist is here!

Two additional entries were uploaded to Vimeo, and they can be found here:

The Voyage - by thistof (password: bricksalive)
GUM - by Harborlight (password: THAC2016)

  • The theme is "A Peculiar Event".

  • The color mod elements is a black LEGO piece connected to a yellow LEGO piece.

  • The letter mod element is the letter P.
THAC is a brickfilming contest that lasts for exactly 24 hours. All the idea-making, writing, recording, animating, editing and submitting is to be done within the time limit. It's a challenge, it's frantic, and it's a lot of fun!
The contest will begin on Saturday, January 2, 2016 at 12pm (midday) GMT and will run for 24 hours. It will end on Sunday, January 4, 2016 at 12pm GMT. You can see what that is in your time zone by clicking here.
Everyone who has been a member of for at least 1 week before the official start of THAC XIII (January 2, 2016) may enter. Judges may participate but are disqualified from being ranked and from receiving prizes. Joint productions are allowed, but it is up to you to divide up the prizes if you win anything.

  • Your entry must be entirely made and submitted during the 24-hour period. To prove this, mod elements must appear in every shot of your animation (more information below).

  • Your entry must consist primarily of LEGO (or similar building-block toy) stop-motion animation. Live-action, CGI, hand-drawn, or other forms of film or animation may be used to supplement your entry, but stop-motion animation must be the primary focus.

  • Your entry must consist of at least 30 seconds of stop-motion animation. There is no maximum time limit.

  • No mature/explicit content is allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: swearing, excessive/gory violence, overt sexual content, and blatant drug references.

  • You must not make your entry public until the deadline has passed.

  • The entry you submit to the judges must be the entry made publicly available to everyone else. You cannot create a version of your film that includes the mod element to send to the judges, and then publicly release a second version of your film that has the mod element removed.

  • Use of copyrighted material (including music) is allowed, though discouraged. Use of copyrighted material will not affect the judging of your entry. There is no direct score deduction but a film that uses preexisting IPs will not be viewed as favorably as a film that creates something entirely new. Using a preexisting IP is like writing a paper but half the paper is quotes from other people.

  • While copyrighted/trademarked properties are allowed, you are discouraged from basing your movie off of pre-existing franchises (Star Wars, Marvel, etc.). Its not original, and could affect the judging of your film. Copyrighted music may be used, due to the time constraints for this contest. If you do not wish to do so, you are permitted to create original music beforehand. Original music does not have to be created within the 24 hour time limit.
To prevent cheating, the contest theme will only be announced when the contest begins. You can brainstorm ideas beforehand but you could be way off what you're meant to make. In addition, "mod elements" must be present in every shot of your film. These mod elements will also be announced when the contest begins. The first mod element is a color mod. This will be a combination of two random brick colors connected together (for example, a white brick connected to a grey brick). The second mod element is a letter mod. This could be any of the 26 letters of the modern English alphabet. You may use the uppercase or lowercase version of the letter, but the letter must be recognizable as that letter.

To prove that you made your film within the time limit, at least one of the mod elements must appear in every shot of your animation. You do not need to use both mod elements. You can combine these mod elements in any way that you see fit, so long as at least one is present at all times. You could choose to use just the color mod or just the letter mod, you could choose to use both, you could alternate between scenes, or any combination of the above. All that is important is that at least one of the mod elements be visible in every shot.

  • The letter may be upper or lower case, but it still must be clearly that letter. The letter can be rotated but not mirrored. Again, it must be clearly identifiable as that letter. It may be written or printed on a piece of paper or sticker, drawn directly onto a brick, printed on a piece, or built from pieces and even integrated into the set.

  • The letter mod element may exist on a printed LEGO piece, but it must clearly be that letter. An eyebrow or wrinkle on a minifig’s face, or a fold in the shirt on the minifig's torso are not letters.

  • The following shades of yellow are allowed. Click the links to see an example piece with the correct color.
    Yellow (Bricklink color ID: 3)
    Bright Light Yellow (Bricklink color ID:103)
    Trans-Yellow (Bricklink color ID:19)
    The following shades of black are allowed:
    Black (Bricklink color ID: 11)
    Trans-Black (Bricklink color ID: 13)
    Link to the Bricklink Color Guide

  • The mod element must be physically present in the shot. Mod elements cannot be added digitally in post-production.

  • Minifig parts (for example a red torso attached to grey legs) can count as the color mod, but bricks connected to or touching baseplates do not.

  • You do not need to include either mod element in the titles or credits.

  • If a shot must be clarified by changing the shot in anyway (changing brightness, black and white to color, etc) to be able to identify the mod element, the shot will be not counted as containing the mod element and the entry will most likely be disqualified. See next rule for one exception regarding the cropping of the image.

  • For particular shots where including the mod element would be disruptive to your artistic vision (such as extreme close-ups and shots with very low depth of field), you may include a legal mod element in the shot and then crop the mod element out in post-production. You then must provide an uncropped frame from that shot and explain in detail the cropped shot in the submission email. You will have to provide separate proof for each shot.
Send an email to [email protected] before 12pm (midday) GMT on Sunday, January 3th, 2016. Unless I am asleep, I will reply as soon as it arrives to confirm that your submission has been received, and add you to the list below. In the body of the email, please include a working link to your film, and a password if applicable.
Write the subject of your email in this format:
THAC2016 Entry, [Your Bricks in Motion username], “[Title of your film]”
For example: THAC2016 Entry, Smeagol, “Bricks in Motion: The Documentary”

Your entry may be in the following formats:

  • Unlisted YouTube video. To make your video unlisted, go to the video page and click the little blue icon next to the video title, then select UNLISTED from the drop-down menu.

  • Password-protected Vimeo video. To make your video password-protected, go to the video page and click Settings, then under the Privacy tab, choose "Only people with a password". Please remember to include the password in your email! If I cannot view your entry, I cannot accept it.
The judges for THAC XIII are:
Nathan Wells
Timothy R.
Entries will be judged on criteria including originality, production values (animation, set design, cinematography, sound, etc.), story, and creative interpretation of the theme by the 5 judges.  Films will be discussed and ranked collectively by the judges until a consensus is reached. The top 3 films will eligible for the prize pool. Entries below 10th place will not be publicly ranked.
This year, like earlier years, we will be offering a prize pool of three prizes. This means that 1st place gets to choose which of the three prizes they want, 2nd place chooses from the remaining two and 3rd place gets whichever one is left over!

Big thanks to our sponsor Brickstuff for providing a portion of the prizes!
Smeagol and I were very pleased with the outcome of THAC XII and we feel we've almost completely polished the general THAC rules. THAC XIII's rules are nearly identical to THAC XII's, with the addition of a clarification to the color mod element.

This year, the color mod element will be spelled out specifically, listing the exact LEGO colors that are allowed. For instance, if one of the mod colors is "red," every acceptable LEGO color that is related to red will be listed, along with a link to the Bricklink color database, and a picture of a LEGO piece in that particular color. For red, three colors would be listed: Red, Dark Red, and Trans-Red.

This new rule has been implemented to eliminate confusion on what shades of colors would be allowed. Hopefully, this will reduce or eliminate questions of "Is pink a shade of red?" and so on.

Also, even though this year THAC has a sponsor (the wonderful Brickstuff!), no entry is required to have any sponsor or contest logos. However, if you'd like to include the THACXIII logo, you can download it here.
If you want to participate in and keep up with everyone's THAC progress on Twitter, use the hashtag #THACXIII and keep an eye at the top of the forum!

You can also post your progress in the progress thread on the forums.
Please note that this isn't a guarantee all of the films in the list are eligible. I did keep a cursory glace out for the mod element when watching them, but I didn't go shot by shot. I don't expect there to be many problems, though.

  • legodjboy - Police Con

  • William Osborne -  Lego 1973 Time - Jump

  • Guy Commanderson -  Unexpec

  • Raptor Studios - The Turkey Thief

  • prisac - Mooning

  • Mrlego611 - Derek's Story

  • Isenbold - Straight From The Horses Mouth

  • Noah Tharp - Strange Return

  • Pjlegomotion - The Crevice

  • Bricksilver - TARDIS Pit Stop - DISQUALIFIED - Lacks mod element, video is public.

  • pumkin muffin productions - The Subway Stop

  • KobbleThePenguin - A Viking Lunch

  • Triscuit520 - The Hat of Doom

  • SlackerProductions - Peculiar Pizza

  • Brickorbrack - Cyber World Trailer THAC entry

  • Headpods - The Dream Rendezvous

  • Mustache Maniacs - Rift

  • 1999mrlegoman - What an Unusual Day

  • Greenshirt - Tribulation

  • Dyland - De Mortem

  • jasper - Revenge

  • hoverfrogfilms - Condensed Time

  • RealBrick - Fantasma

  • The Motion Hero - Peculiar Park

  • Willow Tree - Market Mayhem

  • Smocktopus - Mr Jones normal life

  • DewVinci - From Above

  • PrestigePie - My Masterpiece

  • Motion Bricktures - The 1300th Floor

  • Fun Sucker - Switcheroo

  • AquaMorph - Tachyon

  • MonsieurCaron - Space Worms

  • legogod - The Magic Photocopier

  • Smoothmovesproductions - A peculiar Event

  • Infinity Prime Studios - A Night at the Park

  • AnimationIsaac - Oven Explosion Causes Death and Destruction

  • Onecras Films - My Party

  • END films - A Peculiar Game

  • Squash - About

  • thistof - The Voyage

  • Pritchard Studios - The Faith of the Skeptic

  • rafael9522 - Draw

  • Legoluke654 - The Sword

  • LASF - Hair Loss

  • nswihart - Welcome Ride

  • Wammy - A Peculiar Event

  • Capt. Spaulding - Invasion

  • BuilderBrothers - Vengeance of a Different Sort

  • FabioNoche42 - Dance Battle

  • CyanSheepMedia - A Peculiar Event Or: How I Learned to Stop Sleeping and Love to Animate

  • Brickcrazy - Recollections

  • Harborlight - GUM

  • Rivvm m - A Peculiar Day

  • LiamG - Horsing Around

  • rioforce - MECH

  • thatsfinestudios - Unidentified

  • LMDigitalMovies - Friday the 13th

  • ForlornCreature - Squeeb

  • sillypenta - Benny n' Lee in: Death Comes Robbing

  • Baffish - Incursio

  • backyardlegos - A Very Rainy Day

  • Undershadow Productions - Busted

  • Max Butcher - spider

  • Mighty Wanderer - Crab Crackdown

  • osomstudios - A Peculiar Story

  • JonnDthunDer - Unconforming

  • Andreaseggen98 - The Scavenger

  • thefourmonkeys - Theseus Takes a Walk

  • Sergeys Studio - Weird Dream

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Whew! Good Luck Everybody!

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Let's do this.

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LET'S DO THIS!!!  Watch it on YouTube!

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So ready.

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THAC is here, THAC is here! mini/smile

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Good luck everybody:)

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Good providence everybody!

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A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those from?

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Best of luck to everyone! LET'S DO THIS!

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My message was deleted mini/eek

Best of luck to everyone!

RELEASED! Check out my channel to watch it!
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What the heck, I guess I'll give it a shot.

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animating now!!!

A Life? Cool! Where can I download one of those from?

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This is great! I didn't think I was going to be able to enter, because of a trip my family is taking, but now our trip is getting pushed forward one day!!! mini/delirium mini/delirium mini/delirium mini/delirium mini/delirium

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Does "peculiar" mean "extraordinary"?
Good luck to everyone!

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Good luck to everyone who is participating! I was planning on making an entry but I've no time today. Literally.

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Sergey's Studio wrote:

Does "peculiar" mean "extraordinary"?
Good luck to everyone!