Topic: LEGO Spider-Gwen: Death From a Butt

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LEGO Spider-Gwen: Death From a Butt

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On Earth-65, a world where Peter Parker never became the amazing Spider-Man and instead, Gwen Stacy was bitten by the spider becoming the Radioactive Spider-Woman!

America thinks Spider-Woman has killed Peter Parker and she works tirelessly to clear her name, however taking down such useless criminals as Bodega Bandit isn't exactly raising her street cred. Soon enough though, a new threat rises in the form of angst-ridden Adrian Toomes, who vows to bring death from a butt-- I mean; death from above!


Between the timecodes 5:25 and 6:10, there are sporadic drops in framerate and quality. Unfortunately this was unavoidable because of some issues rendering the scene, if you're going to tell me I should've re-rendered. I did. Twice.
It's my computer, sadly I cannot afford to replace it but it's old and cannot handle the quality I render in anymore.