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I always forget to make seasonal videos, and to be honest this is only a Christmas video in the same way Die Hard or Iron Man 3 are. Originally, I was just going to do a tie-in for DT98Films' upcoming Jessica Jones series, but it spiralled into something different. You'll notice we use a lot of similar visual cues though; for the rooftop scene, we were basically sitting on Skype and animating the same thing.

Alias is, as I've probably ranted about before, one of my favourite comic series. Marvel MAX was a bit hit and miss for me, as a lot of it felt edgy for the sake of it, but Jessica Jones' story was really compelling (at many times tragic) and was backed by the breathtakingly fresh and unique art of Michael Gaydos. I tried mimicking that and David Mack's style of cover art, too, at various points in this animation, to varying degrees of success. Overall, I'm very pleased with how this turned out.

To be continued in Jessica Jones, by DT98films: … 0oiPCALXqg
and in Moon Knight, by RAD Visuals: … ZguIQuoCZQ

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