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Happy Halloween #%$^%# $%#[email protected]



Contains strong, adult language... and lots of it.

Please just move along if you don't like that type of stuff. Thanks.

If you're still reading please enjoy this, eh, song... it was a great opportunity to play around with syncing to music.

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Re: Happy Halloween #%$^%# $%#[email protected]

Yes I too know some bad words

Re: Happy Halloween #%$^%# $%#[email protected]

Your animation is wonderful as always. My only criticism is that until the last couple of lines, the lyrics didn't rhyme.
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Re: Happy Halloween #%$^%# $%#[email protected]

As you'll know if you know me well, I dislike the use of strong language in Brickfilms. However, in this film, I did find it fairly amusing and couldn't help but laugh. As always with your films, the animation is brilliant.

Re: Happy Halloween #%$^%# $%#[email protected]

I'm not certain what a "hash-percent-dollar-carat-percent-hash dollar-percent-hash-dollar-at-s" is, but I'll be sure to wish them happy Halloween if I encounter any.

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