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The Lego Stud

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A man convinces someone to buy a Lego Stud. But will the convinced Lego Man get his stud?

3 things I've learned while making this video:
1. Don't bump the camera
2. Find a way to prevent light flicker
3. Get a new mic

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pretty good except the guy sitting looked to mean for the part

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I found that hilarious.
The only problems that I saw was that you kept bumping the camera, there was light flicker, you need to adjust your settings on your webcam/camera. I liked the refrence to "101 uses for a LEGO stud".

what could have been: jeffrey and the old man make some robots
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@JustKidden ^^


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Thanks for the feedback everybody!
BTW, I solved my problem with light flicker,  I built a better camera cradle so I won't bump the camera as much, and I got a better mic.

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you had a few set bumps

not very funny to older audience

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