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Guns N' Roses


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Re: Guns N' Roses [D&L Entry]

Really good. Definitely fits in with the film noir genre. Excellent!

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You definitely tackled noir full on, and you succeeded. The use of shadows and lighting was fantastic. Everything was so crisp. The animation was great too. The music was unfortunately too loud, so it was hard to understand to dialogue. The cliff-hanger ending makes me want to know what happened, which it obviously intentional, but there's really no resolution, which is slightly disappointing (though maybe it's just me mini/wink).

Keep up the good work!

(P.S. You may want to add "[D&L Entry]" to the ending of the topic title so we know it is an entry to D&L, it seems to be overlooked without that)

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Re: Guns N' Roses [D&L Entry]

This is one of my favourite of all the entries. It told a strong story in only 2 minutes and it didn't lack quality. Just great.

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Great Entry! The effects and animation were excellent, and you really nailed the atmosphere.

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The cliffhanger ending really made the film, in my opinion.

Re: Guns N' Roses [D&L Entry]

Awesome film with high quality cinematography, the story was very well done and and the music fitted well with the scene, great job bro your films just keep getting better and better! Keep up the good work mini/smile

I really loved the cafe scene were he lights the cigar/cigarette that was just great! mini/bigsmile

One of my fave entries.


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Re: Guns N' Roses [D&L Entry]

I really liked this entry. While there were a number of things that appealed to me, I think the thing that stood out most is just how much of the film is narrated. Not sure why that seemed so good, but it did. Great job.

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Re: Guns N' Roses [D&L Entry]

One of my favorite entries.  Very solid animation.

Re: Guns N' Roses [D&L Entry]

We got surprisingly few film noir entries to this contest! I enjoyed this film's fairly traditional take on the genre, I thought you executed it well with a nice level of tongue-in-cheek dialog. Some of the visuals were quite inventive, I appreciated the silhouetted shadow shot of the man he speaks to near the beginning.