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Before I jump into details, I want to quickly clarify that the job that I'm describing here is paid, so a quote for your time etc will be included in any private discussions we have about this. Keep in mind that your time may be more valuable to others than it is to you, so you shouldn't arrive at a fee too casually!

Here's the rundown:

My animation skills are sweet, but I'm running a graphic design company right now and I don't have the time/equipment/skills to pull of what I need for a particular client. They were very excited by the idea of having a 30 second or 1 minute brickfilm to promote their soon-to-be-launched service, and I said I'd reach out to where I know the best animators can be found.

The animation I'm looking for would be at broadcast quality res, with professional quality animation. No bumps, no flickers, etc.

If you think you'd like to have a chat about this with me, drop me a line at [email protected]

If you know of someone who might be who I'm looking for, either point me in their direction or let them know about this post!

I'd like to get the ball rolling on this as soon as we can, so if I can get an idea of the budget and time-frame required, I can get approval from my client.

Thanks guys!

Re: Animator/s wanted for :30 to :60 production

I think a large factor in hiring an animator is how large/complex of a brickfilm would there need to be? Will it need a large city, or a small house? These are just examples, but animators are definitely limited by what they can build.

Also, I know you said that you'd like to know the time-frame from the animator, but really, I would think that the animator needs the time-frame from the client so they can know if they even have the time available to pursue the opportunity. For example, does the client need it done by October 1st, or February 1st?

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Re: Animator/s wanted for :30 to :60 production

Here are a few more details!

I'm looking for someone who can animate in a clean but fun and cartoonish style. The client is launching a snowplow service, and so the animator will need to love the challenge of animating snow being plowed and shot out of a snowblower. (the type of snow will most likely be static bricks, rather than using something painful like paper/baking soda/etc) We will be producing a short film to promote their services, which will be used in marketing and will potentially get some local/national attention via news services etc.

I would like this short to be finished production by the beginning of November, and the animator will not be responsible for facial animation, compositing, or other post-production effects. The animator will upload completed shots to a Dropbox folder, and we will handle editing/compositing/color correction etc on this end.

I want the natural style and concepts of the animator to show through, so I don't want to limit the creative process too much by introducing my own story concepts before I get a chance to talk them out with the animator. Currently the clip would be around 45 seconds, and 1/3 would be shot from above using micro-scale houses in a snow-covered neighbourhood with a tiny snowplow (details can be simplified, not looking for realism, looking for LEGO realism)

The rest of the locations would be the frontyard, driveway, and street in front of a snowcovered house, and a quick shot of an interior.

The budget will probably be dictated by the story and concepts that come up in discussions with the animator, but depending on the complexity and materials/time required, I can see this being budgeted at between $500 and $1200. That being said, I haven't confirmed this budget with the client, as I want to have an animator in mind before we start looking at what it will cost. I would like to cover all estimated supply costs upfront (so nobody's sitting on a bill for too long) and pay half of the animation rate upfront as well, with the other half on delivery of the final shot (not the completion of the short, which might take a little longer for editing, compositing, etc). The animator will be involved in the final cut/final edit, don't worry about needing to secure final cut or anything. My client is very flexible and open to allowing creatives their room to do what they do best.

The budget will also cover any new materials the animator requires (might need to make a couple of bricklink orders), and if this video serves it's marketing purpose well, I can see future opportunities to partner with this animator for videos like this.

Production Company credit will go to my company Minotaur Creative, and Animation Studio credit, director, writer, etc will be given to the animator, as per standard.

Any questions/thoughts you can drop me a line or leave a message in this thread!

Edit: Also, I love this community, so any opportunity to give it a boost is pretty exciting for me. Sorry if I seem like I'm being very serious about this, just want to make sure people get a strong idea of what this project is.

Edit 2: I found the right animator for the job, thank you everyone for your input and for some great chats about this project!

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