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LEGO Death's Head in "Death Comes a Calling"

Youtube, yes?

"As a business woman, Sunset Bain has conquered the likes of Tony Stark in the stock market. As a criminal mastermind, she has got on the bad side of some very dangerous people. As a job, she is being targeted by bounty hunter-- Sorry! Freelance Peacekeeping Agent, Death's Head.

In a battle with a trained (and literal) killing machine, she must use more than just business smarts in order to escape her inevitable death, yes?"

There are a few very obvious problems with this film that I just couldn't fix. The most important being the light flicker. I have no idea why it suddenly started happening, but I've since discovered it's a known issue with Nikon cameras and I'm working to resolve it. The second is that god awful bluescreen. I have nothing to say about it, it's just bad.

Regardless, I hope you enjoy it. Also, Marvel, so I'm not saying stay after the credits but you should probably stay after the credits.

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Brilliant! I didn't see any light flicker even slightly. Blue screen, tell me about it. It is a very messy job. I suppose you use chroma key. I do, but don't only use that, I also use rig removal or, masking as it's often called. If you want to find out more about masking, just pm me mini/wink


Re: LEGO Death's Head in "Death Comes a Calling"

I finally got the chance to watch this, which I wanted to do for a month!

I loved it!

Its was cool to see Death's Head integrated into the main Marvel Universe.  I'd love to see some Transformers, too, considering that TFs are awesome and DH is a spin-off character from Transformers UK comics (and from the all-time greatest writer in the entire history of TF comics: Simon Furman, whom I was lucky enough to have met in 1996.)  Even if Death Head's ship could transform, it would be pretty awesome.

You captured the grittiness of DH himself, and also the anti-hero aspect of the character.  And it was a bonus treat casting Mary Charles (Brick 7) as Sunset.  Spider Man was well-voiced, too.  And so was the title character, though I expected that, having seen your preview short (about 10 times).

The special effects were mostly well-done, except some of the chroma-keying.  I also loved the lavender carpeting at STARK.  It complimented the beige interior well.  The Stark Set was well-designed both INT. and EXT.  Some of the sounds annoyed me, though- like the sirens that were CONSTANT, for two scenes!  And I didn't care too much for the end theme song.  These complaints were outweighed by everything else.  I mean, you brought Death's Head to Brickfilms! 

All I can say is, keep returning Death's Head to BiM!  And maybe add in Optimus Prime, Galvatron, Cyclonus, Goldbug/Bumblebee, Grimlock and Starscream's ghost!  And Kup, too!  Oh, and I want to do a voice in your next DH feature!  (I can even do Blurr well.)  You will cast me, yes?

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