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This is what happens when you use Tinder.....

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I really enjoyed this animation!

The concept was great, and your animation was well done. (A few set bumps I noticed, but nothing that bothered me)
I was pleasantly surprised by the twist ending. I was expecting a different twist which would have been more cliche, but you went a whole different direction! Very nice.

If I were being especially picky about storytelling, I would say that you could have used more variation in camera angles to convey his nervousness, tension, and apprehension. Instead what we got was a lot of static repeated camera angles, and relied on the script of the character telling the audience that he's nervous.
In the realm of film it's best to SHOW, not tell.
-That's me being really picky though.

Since from a technical standpoint this was done so well, I'm going to go ahead and be a stickler on something that is very important to me personally...

Overall I would rate the sound editing and mixing as good (definitely above average) but right out of the gate the first thing I noticed was the repetition of the cup sip sound effect. Perhaps if they were spaced out more, it wouldn't have bothered me, but using the same sound effect twice in a row pulled me out of the story.
The voice acting was quite good, but the recording quality left a bit to be desired. It sounded muffled and didn't have the full vocal range that I wanted from such a clever short film. Also, with a clearer recording, the difference between talking to himself and talking out loud would have come across better as well. A better microphone would also encourage your voice actors to be more dynamic in vocalization, thus giving you better performances and enriching your films even more.

I totally understand that having good sound recording equipment is an investment, and you are making good films with what you have. Just know that dialogue/monologue heavy scripts will always be reminding your audience (as they watch) that you need a better microphone.

Nice work!
A welcome addition to your brickfilmography!
-Nate Swihart

Re: Lego Blind Date

Pleasantly animated.  nice surprises in the story.  Wondering if that cup is Maersk blue.  Would have been nice if on dir link "mild language" was chosen for the sake of some.  Overall, very enjoyable.

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Re: Lego Blind Date

Great brick film!!! I really loved the Batman twist at the end.

Re: Lego Blind Date

That was nice!

That animation was pretty smooth, the sets were nice, the voice actors were good, and I liked the humor. The batman part was a surprise.

Like Nswihart said, I would have more variation in camera angles; especially close up. This would give more visual variety, and would very much add to film. Also I noticed that when the guy was talking outloud, in a few places it still had the same 'mind' effect.

This was a nice film, keep up the good work!

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