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LEGO Brickfilm - The New Camera - BRAWL 2015 Entry!

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In This Brickfilm, a BRAWL 2015 entry, a man gets delivered a new camera but soon finds out that he is not very good at focusing it. Whilst he is trying to focus it, various things are happening in the background...

Re: BRAWL 2015: The New Camera

The story is fun and simple, the animation was smooth, great job on that!

The sets were really simple, next time I would recommend making them more details so it won't look as dull. Also some of the color tones are off from time to time.

Great job on BRAWL nevertheless, good luck in the contest!

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Re: BRAWL 2015: The New Camera

Simple, yet effective. Good work, Madpencilman! Poor guy just wants to focus his camera... Some of the animation was a bit jerky at times, and the frame was stretched out so it made everyone look a little chubby, but I still enjoyed your film. Keep it up! mini/smile

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