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Pivot Please


Pivot Please is the film of a racer, Bruce, in the midst of a dog-eat-dog wacky races-esque BRAWL! Who will win to become the champ?

Pivot Please was made in under a week!

Re: BRAWL 2015: Pivot Please

So far, this is my favorite BRAWL video that I've seen. It was really fun to work on, and, even more entertaining to watch! mini/smile

I really like the fast pace of the brickfilm, and, the animation is definitely pretty smooth. You have certainly improved since your last BRAWL video, and, I can't wait to see your next animations.

Re: BRAWL 2015: Pivot Please

Nice video, Login! I have a feeling this is a parody or many, many movies and cartoons, and even though I didn't understand them all, I still liked the film. The animation was smooth. I think that the middle could have used some proper background/sets instead of cardboard, but that's ok. Keep up the good work!

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Good job, and thanks for letting me help out.

I don't think the problem was so much the backgrounds, but the fact that in some shots neither they, nor the car, would move. So the illusion of racing around was lost at times.

The clay creature in the opening shot was a nice touch of originality, and the in-camera explosion was cool.

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Keep it up!