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My BRAWL 2015 entry, about a race in a world of people who love cars, or something. That intro bit was kinda dumb. I was working basically up until the deadline so the first scene's sound design didn't really get done. Also, the film has no title card because it didn't have a title until about half an hour after the deadline.

Huge thanks to Jargon for his hilarious performance as Mach, and to Nswihart who also delivered a great performance as the pizza guy on very short notice.

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Not gonna lie, that was a really good film, especially considering it was mad within a week! mini/smile

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Really impressive in scope for a BRAWL entry with good animation and comedic timing! The voice acting was good, too.

I loved the choice to use an extended set of takes from Jargon through the credits.

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Haha, that was marvelous. There isn't much to be said, I enjoyed it all the way. The narration was perfect, as well as the voices and animation. Keep up the fantastic work!

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Amazing film. I loved the animation on Mach, and the hilarious visual comedy really sets the film apart. Great work! mini/smile

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I really like this.  The animation is a joy to watch, and the voicing is perfect, particularly Jargon's wonderfully hammy performance as Mach.  It's certainly worth all the effort you put into it.

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Fantastic work, especially for BRAWL (one thing I love about this contest is how it brings out the skill of the entrants in a way THAC can't).

I'm not sure what all I can say that wouldn't be too repetitive, but I really liked this. The animation was nice and clean, with great cartoony movements. Jargon's voice acting was amazing, kudos to him.

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Since every single person before me posted something nice and not one grain of criticism (and because you wanted a bump) I'm here to critique. I think the largest critique is that the story followed the storyline of the tortoise and the hare quite closely despite being set in a different world. It was predictable and I figured out the end far before it happened which removed tension from the film, and also made it somewhat unoriginal. Oh what the heck, might as well compliment a bit. The signs in the background and the sounds over the credits were nice touches.

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Thanks for the comments, everyone. LPG, you are right. I was aware that it was a basic tortoise and hare story when making it which is why I decided that neither of them could win, but making the pizza guy win wasn't an amazing twist either. I knew that it was never going to be a cerebral story, so hopefully it can be enjoyed as just having fun within a recognisable story.

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And it was. mini/smile

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Jargon, bravo. You're so good in this that I feel especially bad for having not yet finished the film for which you voice acted for me.

This is great, Penta, really funny stuff. The pacing and comic timing of the story was spot-on. The animation was nice and appropriately goofy (I loved the over-the-top mannerisms of Mach). You did a really excellent job establishing both the characters as well as the racing-obsessed world they live in, it all worked together nicely to give the whole story believability.

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Good and professional overall

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I always wanted to make a new cut of this film to finish the sound design in the first scene, and wanting to submit to the Brickfilmer's Guild Animation Festival convinced me to actually do it:

In this cut we have added a title card (the title was thought up after the contest deadline and the film was originally submitted untitled), finished the sound design and added a little behind-the-scenes footage after the credits, so that there's something new to see. I haven't messed with it otherwise; only put in what was meant to be there. We decided against adding sounds during the intro monologue shots.