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STAR WARS Child of the Force


Set before the events of A New Hope.
An order of Force users known as the Inquisitors overseen by Darth Vader  were ordered to destroy the Jedi and find the Children of the Force and turn them to the Darkside or have them share the same fate as the Jedi.

My newest film and the second episode of my Inquisition Series

Star Wars Rebels: Child of the Force

Hope you like it and be sure to Stay Tuned For More!

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Good, but the Animation was really quick looking and in the beginning the background characters were moving really choppily.

I do not brickfilm anymore, but you can see my live action stuff here.

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I think Tims Videos is right about the animation looking a bit too quick at points but it is overall pretty good.  Definitely better than my first films.  Another thing is that there seems to be a lot of light flicker in some shots.  I don't know if this is an issue with your lights or anything but it is most likely your camera.  This can be remedied by turning all settings to manual.  Overall I think the story is great and am genuinely excited for where it is going to go.  Good luck on the next part!