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A film about a dedicated business man, who is something more.

Made for my little brother's birthday.

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Stan may be making a cameo appearance in my Darkness and Light contest entry.

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I liked this.  A funny story, and I really like the way you've framed it so we never see Stan until the end.  Some great visual comedy right there.  The jazzy music, funny writing, and talking-head documentary style work really well together, I find.  There are a few technical issues--some choppiness, and the out-of-focus shot at the end--but this short has an enjoyable feeling nonetheless.  I'm not entirely sure about the plain grey sets--on the one hand, I like the simplicity and the fact it causes the eye to focus on the characters, but at the same time it doesn't look much like a typical office, and few props and more naturalistic lighting might have gone a long way to enhance the look of the setting (I do quite like the microscale city background, though).  Also, Stan's voice sounded a bit too similar to the other characters, so I think it would have been better to give him a slightly more distinctive voice.

Another small note:  The framing is a bit off in that most talking-head style documentaries generally have medium close-ups showing the head and chest of the talker (hence the name), but you've got wide full-body shots of the characters, which feels kind of detached and awkward on the eye.  I think a few close-ups would have been quite an improvement. 

Still, it's a great little short and it left me wishing there was more, which is always a good thing.  There are certainly some issues, but on the whole you've done some good work here.

P.S. You don't have to double-post, especially only a day after posting the film topic itself--just use the edit button.  (Nonetheless, I'm interested to see how Stan will fit in your entry.)

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