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Birth of Venom

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After being abandoned by Peter Parker, the symbiote finds its way back home.

Eddie Brock Jr: Coulter Rail
Venom/The Symbiote: Oliver James Atkinson
Roland Treece: Courtney Leacock
Officer Jean DeWolff: DocRoser4ever
The Assistant: Jordan Haro
Rosalind Nelson: Chrislene Bright
Judge: GrassoFilms
Blake: lisaisanut
Thug 1: GrassoFilms
Thug 2: JimA73
Thug 3: Fireflie
Thug 4: theLEGObrickz
Reporter 1: theLEGObrickz
Cop 1: GrassoFilms
Cop 2: Jeremy Nanhu
Cop 3: JimA73
Bum 1: TurtlePowerHour
Man 1: GrassoFilms
Foggy Nelson: Coulter Rail
Matt Murdock: JimA73



Eddie Brock and Venom are played by two different voice actors.

Peter Parker does not appear at all in this episode.

Based off the comic-series: Venom - Lethal Protector issues #1-3

Rosalind Nelson is mother to Foggy Nelson (Daredevil: The Man Without Fear!)


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Re: Birth of Venom

I'll admit, I'm all that familiar with Spider Man and I haven't seen any of the previous episodes so, therefore, I see it fit to just comment on the technical side of things.

The way your orchestrated the revelation in the black expanse at the beginning of the film is pretty neat. There is, however, some green spill onto the minifig's torso. The obviousness of the chromakeying makes the scene somewhat distracting. Of course, this is not a huge deal but is perhaps something that could be improved upon in the future.

The animation is quite minimal but it serves its purpose. I like the closing of the book animation as well as the overall choreography of the ending fight scene.

On a final note, the length of this film is quite impressive. I'm curious as to how long production took place.

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