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This little short was first starter earlier this Spring, put aside for 3-4 months and then worked on. The reason why I stopped was because my webcam broke, and I didn't want to change webcams, hence the quality would decrease.  Since then I got a DSLR, so I decided to finish filming and finally get it over with. But because of this, I forgot my lighting position, I had to rebuild a set,  and the camera settings were obviously not the same. There wasn't really anything I could do about this and it can explain the lighting inconsistency.

Let's just say this isn't my best work.

But this is another one of those shorts you just might not figure out...:P

"Bless you for making this." -Sloth 2016 * on "Chicken Shaped Lighthouse Attacks Police"
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Re: Off the Cliff

Not bad, Harbor! Your animation is good as always. Some of the "physics" could be improved (like the slamming of the guy on the wall). The lighting was inconsistent in places (which, you already knew that, because you told me that when I was doing color correcting mini/wink ).

But overall, I liked it. Keep up the good work!

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Re: Off the Cliff

Did you re-upload the video? The link above is broken.
Here's the new one, you may wanna fix that.

For all ya'lls pointing it out, I never did notice any major lighting inconsistencies. Either they weren't that bad, or you're color-correction guy did a good job covering them.

So, the black screens didn't add anything, and really messed with the timing and rhythm of the shots.

I'll agree with Rio, the animation is smooth, but often too slow and lacking 'power.' As such, there's no sense of danger or urgency to the fighting, and thus there's no dramatic tension or feeling of panic. So we don't really feel the character's fear, nor do we understand why he's so desperate to escape that he jumps off a cliff.

The sound design could have used some more refining, as the the stop-and-go nature of the music, and the individualized feel of the sounds, (Meaning they felt like a lot of single sounds thrown in, rather than one flowing and natural soundscape.) led to a lack of ambiance, and didn't do as good of a job supporting the visuals as they could have.

Now, I do very much like that included a Bible verse, but I don't think it ties in that well with the video. Something like Eph 6:11 may have been a more appropriate choice. I see you explained it in the video description. Although the allegory may have been more directly explained using the above as the main verse, with I Peter 5:8 being one for supporting details. But even then, I'm glad you did include Scripture and illustrate a spiritual truth!

I like the mountaintop set, the use of 'brick' bricks and different grays gave it a nice weathered and worn feel.

While a few choices in the editing phase may have kept this from it's full potential, you did do a good job.
It may not be your best work, but it's still something you can learn from and enjoy.
There's always something good to be found in every short, and this is no exception. mini/yes

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Great work! The animation was very smooth. My only critique would really be that the movements kind of lack impact. Other than that though, again, great job! I also like that you included a Biblical message to it, nice touch!

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I did realize most of the problems in this short, but that was because of many of the production issues I had (and just making this off the flow: no script. (I know that's a bad thing to do, never try it), and by the time I got to the editing stage I just wanted to get it done. (which isn't the best way to go about something)

@Pritchard Studios - Skills in post production in my honest opinion is something I very much lack, and I hope to refine them in my future shorts. I agree with you about the animation aspects. Also those blacks frames were in there to cover up my continuity mistakes, but I see I didn't do a good job. I'll keep in mind what you said about the audio.

Thanks everyone for your comments on the animation, I'm glad that's getting better. It's definitely been an aspect I've been trying to improve on, and I will continue to strive for better physics.

Thanks! mini/smile

"Bless you for making this." -Sloth 2016 * on "Chicken Shaped Lighthouse Attacks Police"
Ephesians 4:29 -"Let no corrupt word proceed out of your mouth, but what is good for necessary edification, that it may impart grace to the hearers."