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Star Wars - The Force


Training on Dagobah.

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Overall, I enjoyed watching this video. I can't quite pin-point why, but I really like the music. It fits well. While there are some noticeable set bumps, most of the animation is executed fittingly. The indication of water using 1x1 LEGO studs is also quite clever. Additionally, the notion of telling a story without dialogue is great.

One thing that does feel out of place, however, is the white backdrop. Some of the creases in the cloth are noticeable and somewhat distracting. Not a huge deal by any means, but just something to think about for future videos.

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Re: Star Wars - The Force

The animation was good, the idea as well, but the sets could've been way better and I thought the music was unfitting, disagreeing with the opininon above mine.
The video was all in all well executed though, so good job!
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