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No light inside the shadow world of bureaucracy?

Animation made for Steinerei 2015, themed "light and shadow".
Prizes: No. TWO voted by audience, No. 3 voted by jury.
Coproduction 2015, golego animation & nichtgedreht, Germany.

Production time end of FEB 2015 to mid APR 2015 within a few sessions at weekends and nights.

Some light flickers, i know... need to find the reset button of my cam mini/wink
The concept was following one FIG in one big shot.
The camera movement was made just by moving set and table,
as it can bee seen in the Teaser for Paragraph.

The inspiration for the "Lift", a so called "Paternoster" comes out of Stuttgart City Hall. If you want the feel,
take a nice "On-Ride" on this little clip on YouTube.

Have Fun,

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The camera movements in this were superb, wow. Even though I didn't get anything, this is still amazing!

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I'm not quite sure what was going on, but this was fun to watch! The animation was nice and smooth, and the quick movements gave it this happy, bouncy feel. That is one giant set, I admire you for working with such big sets and so many figs. mini/tongue

Also, I like the nod to Kevin MacLeod.

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This was great fun to watch. I love the idea of the one huge set; I wonder how long that took to build? There was an impressive amount of crowd animation and I enjoyed all the brickfilm references, particularly the nod to Crispy Cheeser. I have to say though that I can't quite see how the film related to the Steinerei theme.

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The set took us - as 2 people - round about 12 hours to build within a few evenings.
while building floor to floor the designing of a somehow inside story was in flow with a few ideas before. Everything was build to fit a 16:9 picture.
A  lot of things happened random within production. Even the Hommage to the great little crazy brickfilm "Cripsy Cheeser" was such an incident.

I think the theme to Steinerei goes far with its words "Light & Shadow".
In Paragraph it´s the colorful idea or request of the guy in joyful expectation straight in conflict with the grey shadow of bureaucracy. Maybe he wants to build some and has his plans and self-made Lego-MOC-Instructions with him. Now the "Brick-Department for building accurate and not illegal" is checking the plans. The Monster of Paragraphs eats a lot of things and what remains is not his basic concept. No more or less light. This all is deeply dunked in the insanity of regulations breeding itself to kill all colors. So: only shadow left.   
There is also some Shadow at 02:42 and a snowman who

Spoiler (click to read)

is later in 03:03 just a melted snowman.
So winter is over (Shadow) now comes spring (Light).


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Even reading your explaination, I really don't understand the film all that much, but I still like it. It was exciting and fun. The building was great, and the animation was great too. The only thing I didn't like is the laugh track. I didn't need to know that there was an "entire audience" watching. I felt like I was all alone, secretly watching some guy's life at first, not watching a stage show, until I heard the laugh track.

Keep it up!

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Wonderful brickfilm!

The concept of navigating a maddening bureaucracy is a great basis for a brickfilm. The camera movements, frenetic action of the other characters and the set itself are wonderful and really capture the frustration of dealing with bureaucratic buffoons.

It's a visual treat; which in my opinion, is the main objective of animation.

Great job.

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Insanely good as always! I think I will breaking this video down to see how to animate those quick transitions.

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This was very well written and was great to watch.  The randomness was very entertaining.  mini/smile  Execution is flawless as well.  Great job.  mini/smile

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I have no idea what I just watched, but it was still really great! After reading your explanation, I can sort of see what the theme of the video was now. Nice job! mini/smile

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This was highly stimulating. This is open to so many interpretations. You can't really tell what you are watching, but you would not turn it off, because it is entertaining, draws you in and makes you yearn to find out/come up with some interpretation. The music score is excellent, too.
I am not sure if you have topped MIMUS though mini/wink.

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WoodrowVillage 1 second ago
I LOVE THIS!! You have captured the "system" almost perfectly. That directory sign pretty much sums it up. That particular detail was a big highlight for me. I love the pointer guy and incorporating the laughing studio audience. mini/bigsmile

The set building was also impressive--loved the elevator moving, and your camera swipes/movements were fun. That trash/incinerator set detail was cool. Great use of music and sound effects for comedic effect.

And the final scene was EPIC. I cannot imagine how long that took. Great job!!

And oh yeah... the final final final ending is right up my alley. Any comedy that ends with a funny fart is win for me.

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sillypenta wrote:

I love the idea of the one huge set; I wonder how long that took to build? There was an impressive amount of crowd animation.

what he said! mini/smile

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