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Disney XD (LEGO Stopmotion)


The five month wait is over. It is now time to disappoint yourself by watching a two-and-a-half-minute-long LEGO Stopmotion video for which you have been so excited ever since I first announced it. Really, I do not think it deserves the attention and the excitement that it got, but I don't really care. I'm just glad to have finished this.

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Re: Disney XD (LEGO Stopmotion)

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Extreme doughnuts

I enjoyed this little short, Tenny! I've been waiting to see this for a while. mini/wink The quality of the video is great, and the color scheme is nice and easy on the eyes. The lighting was soft too, I liked that. The depth of field seemed a bit shallow throughout, though. It was also quite well animated. I like the little jokes you put in there, especially about Star Wars Rebels. I was thinking the same thing about Ezra. mini/tongue

Keep it up! mini/smile

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Re: Disney XD (LEGO Stopmotion)

Nice. mini/smile In addition to what rioforce said, the plot wasn't the thickest, but it was still quite an enjoyable short.

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Who else had a sudden urge to search "Disney Extreme Donuts"?

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Re: Disney XD (LEGO Stopmotion)

Nice job Tenny!
It was funny, and your animation keeps getting better and better!
Also, I was wondering the same thing about the mini/XD. I think everyone has probably wondered that a time or two.

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That was really entertaining for only two minutes! The animation was great, and although I like how you did shallow the depth of field (I wish I could pull off shots like that mini/lol ), it was a little too shallow, most noticeably during the computer part. In all though, great brickfilm! mini/smile

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I don't care if it doesn't mean anything, the "XD" now stands for extreme donuts.

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So that's what mini/XD means, I thought it stood for extra dimensions.


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That was really cool, you did a very good job animating the dialogue, it looked very nice and natural. Keep up the good work


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Re: Disney XD (LEGO Stopmotion)

I liked the jokes. The shallow DOF wasn't that bad for me, but it could've been corrected just a smudge. All around solid work Tenny!

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Re: Disney XD (LEGO Stopmotion)

I really like this! (I also never knew what the mini/XD meant, but now I now it means nothing. How great is that? mini/tongue

The set, lighting, voicing, and animation were all pretty good. While there was a general lack of story, it was still very interesting and never became slow paced.

The few problems I found was the back and forth camera shots. You used the same camera angles during the dialogue multiple times, making the scene visually boring.

Besides that, this is great. Nice work Tenny!

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Re: Disney XD (LEGO Stopmotion)

I didn't learn anything. All I did was laugh! mini/lol mini/XD Now I used the "XD" face. mini/tongue

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