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Spider-Man Saves the City


-> WARNING: Contains some adult language as well as scenes depicting torture of insects. BEWARE! TURN AND WALK AWAY!


Spider-Man has confidence issues and sets out to toughen up his image...

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Re: Spider-Man Saves the City

Why do you have to cuss so much? They're Lego's. And Spider's are Arachnids not Insects.

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Re: Spider-Man Saves the City

I see this is one of your older ones, the animation isn't up to your standards today, but the webbing bit was great.

I think the voice acting in your videos in general is pretty good.  I like the deadpan delivery of lines, like the policeman with the Shakespeare hair, which was a nice comedic touch in minifgure building.  The delivery reminds me of Leslie Neilson in Naked Gun. 

I don't think there is a whole lot to offer up on constructive criticism though, as you have improved since this.  I think it is just a classic Woodrow Village video, thanks for sharing.