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The Truth About Star Wars Episode 7

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Ok, I think it's time that we all get to find out who Luke Skywalker is handing the lightsaber to in that new star wars trailer. And so, here is our newest video that hopes to clear that up.

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Re: The Truth About Star Wars Episode 7

Well, that was quite interesting. I found the animation to be kind of jerky, and slow, and nobody's legs moved. However, it was still pretty good. I did find a plot hole though. In the trailer, it wasn't Luke that gave the lightsaber to the "mysterious person", it was an unknown character. To me, it looked like some kind of alien.

I applaud you for using a non-LEGO floor, but I don't think it worked out too well, because it moved a lot and didn't allow you to make the minifigs walk properly. Just keep practicing, Isenbold! mini/smile

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