Topic: Trevor the Clown: What's in the Box

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Trevor the Clown: What's in the Box

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Trevor finds a box in his path. What could possibly be in there?

Re: Trevor the Clown: What's in the Box

The titles are a nice touch to the film; they really exemplify the silent film feel.

These Trevor the Clown shorts have been quite entertaining. There seems to be improvements on each episode as well. With the exception of some jarring movements, most of the animation works well here. I particularly like the canon fire blowing the clown backwards into the box.

There seems to be quite a bit of light flicker, however. You may want to try diffusing your lights with paper. Wearing darker clothing may also help.

Keep up the good work!

Re: Trevor the Clown: What's in the Box

This was a lot of fun!  In addition to what willow tree said, I really liked the brick built backgrounds for the titles.  Keep it up!

Re: Trevor the Clown: What's in the Box

Thanks for the encouragement! The jarring is so nerve-racking and as I go along it happens with an accidental bump usually and then it is all down hill from there. I try to adjust the bumped item back but at times you just cannot get it exactly right. I try make sure things are really nailed down, but then in the case of those weapons, they were a nightmare. I totally missed the axe moving as Trevor brought the cannon out until after I had taken the camera down.

And yes, the light flicker.. I really need to work with my camera and adjust the shutter and also add another diffuser, but I have been lazy and just chalked it up to silent movies having flicker, lol..