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Lord Of The Thing - PART 5


"Of Elves and Cauldrons."

This series has been delayed for over four months due to a variety of reasons. Mostly, this is my final year of University and so I've had to write a full-length play, ten short stories, and five essays. Then, once I'd finished this, I got a new computer which I've had to transfer all of my software onto as well as try and get my quickcam to work with Windows 8. Then one of my two lights broke, and finally both Sony Vegas and Filedropper started acting up.

The good news is that I've almost finished University and so parts 6, 7 and 8 should only have about a months gap between them. Then this series will be done and I'll have to work out if I want to start another series, if I want to do back to doing comedic shorts, if I want to focus on more serious Brickfilms, or if I want to drop animation altogether so I can spend longer working on my novel.

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Re: Lord Of The Thing - PART 5

Really enjoying this series.  I love the way you've parodied all of these fantasy tropes, making Whitebeard grumpy and incompetent, Redwood annoyed and reluctant and the Elves really pompous.   There are a few technical issues (some set bumps in the dungeon, and a few out of focus shots in the beginning) but it doesn't distract. 

The bit with Wormface is brilliant.

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"I just say things very evilly.  It's a side effect of being born in the South."  I have to say I honestly didn't see that coming (especially since you really over-emphasized his evil-ness, though given the nature of the series perhaps I should have anticipated it)

I did feel some of the jokes, such as the "wearing women's clothing" one, fell a bit flat, especially considering there are no female characters in this series (as of now), whihc makes it kind of stand out awkwardly.

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Though I have to admit I was half-expecting Whitebeard to come back as a woman, particularly since you made that "there are women in this world?!" joke in a previous part.

In terms of story structure, the parts themselves feel a bit flat.  Obviously it's meant to be part of a much larger series (and when viewed back-to-back the pacing works well), but taken as individuals the pacing of the parts themselves feel a bit sluggish.  I think it would be better if the individual parts had a self-contained mini-arc, which would help the flow a bit, instead of feeling like a really long film chopped up into arbitrarily sized parts.

All in all, though, I really enjoyed this, and can't wait to see the next part.

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Re: Lord Of The Thing - PART 5

These are getting funnier every time. As Mr. Vertigo said, the part with Wormface was amazing, I was laughing the entire time. Keep it up. mini/smile