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The Bob Parable

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In this animation, we follow the path of Bob as he is tormented by a ruthless and omniscient narrator with a bedazzling British accent. This story, inspired by several sources including the "Stanley Parable" video game, is unfortunately not brought to you in widescreen as it was made before I switched to widescreen. Sorry about that.

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Re: The Bob Parable

You've crafted a pretty neat brickfilm, Sunspace. Wonderful work!

I am going to have to re-watch this film several more times this weekend. It's absolutely a charm! The initial interaction that Bob has with the narrator's voice is quite hilarious and makes for some pretty comedic moments. Furthermore, their interaction at the end of the film is something that I did not anticipate. A very clever ending, indeed.

The set design complements the light-hearted nature of the film well. Additionally, I like the use of the different facial expressions. They allow Bob to have a wide-range of emotions that would otherwise not be possible with a standard expression LEGO head.

Re: The Bob Parable

Wow, that was really good! I really liked the story, it reminded me of those Looney Tunes cartoons with an illustrator changing the environment and wrecking the lives of the characters. Though, it still had uniqueness to it, and I really liked that. The jokes were very well timed, too. The animation was smooth, and the narrator's voice was great.

Again, great work! mini/smile

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Re: The Bob Parable

Cool, the narrator making Bob do thing was funny.


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