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The Mission


An action movie about an agent and the mission.

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I had a blast watching The Mission!

I like the use of the chromakeyed brick wall in the background. That makes for a really nice effect. The replacement animation of the wall exploding was done exceptionally well and is quite convincing. Additionally, the sound design and music score really bring the film home.

As for the plot of the film, it might have been beneficial to have had the mission centered around some sort of story. Perhaps the agent could be trying to stop the bad guys from taking over the world. Or something to that extent.

On a technical note, there are some noticeable set and camera bumps. To prevent this, you might want secure your set down more tightly with tape or sticky tac. Also, if you are using a tripod, try putting some sort of weight on the legs to prevent it from moving around; especially if you are working on carpet. The animation was a bit rough at some points as well. However, creating consistent and fluid movements takes practice and your animation shows great potential here.

Overall, The Mission is a fun, action packed brickfilm! Keep up the hard work, ziemek17!

Re: The Mission

This was a very interesting film, with the use of sci-fi weapons and even axes! While the theme song did sound a lot like James Bond, it did have a similar feel to the movie.

The use of chroma keying was awesome and a nice concept to see in allowing for an intriguing environment.

I do have to agree on Willows point about there being a story, as I would have loved a bit of history on why the agent was attacking the bad guys.

I enjoyed the camera angles, the only critique is I felt there were a lot of frames used for when an attack was made. But fighting scenes are never easy to do.

Good job, you have potential and in time as you hone you're school you shall see improvement!


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