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Happy Easter

Made for Easter 2015

This is my entry for the Easter competition


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Nice work, legodave1. I watched the extended version of this film as well as this one, and I have to say that I kind of like this one better, because it's very to the point (though, I like the other one as well because of the jokes you had in it). The lighting and animation could use a bit of work, but overall, it was quite enjoyable. Keep it up! mini/smile

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Ah yes, the deep and troubling tale of a greedy, self-centered kid who only takes pleasure in manipulating others into satisfying his every whim…How inspirational... mini/tongue

You did a great job thinking big on this one, with the large sets, the Exo-suit, and that nice geared mechanism thingie.
The sets were a tad plain, but at that scale it's very parts intensive to do much detail.

Your camera shook around a bit much, and the animation could have used some polishing, but I respect you for animating that Exo-suit. The extended version adds a lot to the story, but does drag things out, so like Rio, I prefer the pacing on this version. For animating only since Christmas, you've done a great job. I can't wait to see what the future has for you and your films!

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Not bad.  I do like the complex geared machinery, like Pritchard mentioned.  It's slightly rushed, though that's quite understandable given the constraints of EASTER, and I think I got the general gist.  The animation is also quite characterful (I really like the "slump" of the boy's head at the beginning, and it lifting at the end).  Whilst the animation, set design, and lighting could use some polishing up, it's not bad.

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Re: Happy Easter

Thanks for the feedback, it's very helpful hearing what more experienced brickfilmers think of your work. I admit it was rushed as I didn't have a lot of spare time to complete the film and I'm well aware that a quality piece of work requires a lot of time. I'm aiming to develop my own style in the sense of minimal use of special effects, ie. that every frame is literally a photo - I'm all for removing rigging in post production but I'm not keen on then plastering it with CGI effects. I really enjoy the art of Stop Motion Animation.