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Crazy Scientist Makes Easter Eggs

Happy Easter

This is the full length version of my Easter competition entry. I then had to trim it to within 20 seconds in order to qualify.


Re: Crazy Scientist Makes Easter Eggs

"It's really handy having an uncle who is also a crazy inventor. Happy Easter!"

I am really fond of the lighthearted nature of the evil genius revising his plans to take over the world by creating Easter eggs. It's a very good-humored idea. Good stuff, legodave01! The animation is quite nice throughout, particularly the movements of the egg machine and the robot.

It is definitely note worthy that you took the time to animate the mouths of the minifigures, as not all brickfilms include this. However, I feel as though the new mouth shapes you created are slightly out of line with the original LEGO mouth shapes. They can somewhat distracting from the exceptional voice acting and story. Like anything, mouth animation takes practice. GlueFace is a free, easy to use animation program that you might be interested in trying out. You can click here to find out more about the program. Also, forum member, AquaMorph has created a useful tutorial on the subject of mouth animation/lip syncing as seen here.

Overall, superb film. Keep up the good work!

Re: Crazy Scientist Makes Easter Eggs

Thanks for the feedback - yes the voices were all me and I will definitely be trying out GlueFace in order to improve the mouth animation. Thanks again for the very useful pointers.