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Egg Decorating


One man fulfills his destiny and decorates an egg.

Made for Easter 2015.

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That was wonderful, my favorite Easter entry yet

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Great work. I can see the influence of Paint, but the different style puts an original spin on it. I liked how you used the close-ups and camera movement.

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I really like this, I know how difficult it is animating 'painting' with Lego, but you pulled it off well. I enjoyed like the opening shot in particular and the overall style is good fun to watch. Good luck in the contest!

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Nice work, Indy! The painting animations were fantastic. I also like how you had a custom minifigure expression at the end. Did you use a Sharpie marker for that?

Again, nice film. mini/smile

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Thanks for the kind words, guys!

rioforce wrote:

I also like how you had a custom minifigure expression at the end. Did you use a Sharpie marker for that?

I used a fine-nibbed Faber Castell PITT Artist pen for the minifigure. They're pretty great, as, once dry, the ink won't smear too easily, but can easily be washed off with water.

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Obviously influenced by Paint, it's not so much the story, but the execution, that draws the eye with this one.

It makes use of several scales to show the great extreme close-ups, as well as the usual minifigures, and paint the usual decorating of an Easter egg in a new and fun light. The animation is perfect, and the larger scale objects look great, as does the replacement animation. The end is kinda cliche, but this was never about the end as it was the journey getting there.

This was a worthy contender for the top spot, and second is still quite a prize to take home.
Thanks for entering and giving us the wonderful masterpiece!

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The Paint-esque sequence was cool, and tying in the mini-scale egg at the end was good. The ending twist wasn't overtly clever or original, but it was still fun.