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A farmer discovers strange tampering in his field one night.

Something I threw together for the EASTER contest. It might take multiple viewings.

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This is by far the entree I've seen yet.  I really love the concept.

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A fantastically funny short.
It really whet my appetite for your future films.

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This was really great, easily my favorite EASTER entry. I like the cinematography of the opening scenes with

Spoiler (click to read)

the farmer walking into the field. Also, props for a pretty ingenious (and awesome) way of creating a spaceship mini/bigsmile

I think it would be awesome if you expanded on this concept.

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Beautiful entry. It definitely is an original. This spaceship animation though, was really top notch. Good luck in the contest.

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Wonderful work, Penta. Probably the most original take on the Easter theme I've seen in these contests, and perfectly-executed at that.

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Haha, I loved it, Penta. The use of microscale was fantastic, I barely even noticed it was microscale! The spaceship flying was nice, I'll have to try that some day mini/tongue

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One of the funniest entries. The animation along with the acting is very well done. Nice work Penta!

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I don't think I've seen an EASTER entry quite like this in awhile. The idea is ingenious, the reveal was very well done, and the establishing shot was excellent. A great follow-up to Warshaw, another remarkably-crafted contest entry of yours. Amazing work!

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An interesting one for sure, and has others have said, it's certainly original.

The animation was smooth, the sets were nicely detailed, and you pulled off the overhead view of the field really well.
It seems every year somebody comes up with a new way to portray a minifigure rabbit, and this is one of the more simple, yet at the same time, it was absolutely perfect for this short.

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Heh, I love this one. I really like your style of animation - nice, fluid movements that are very eye-pleasing.

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That was really funny, I watched it a few times. I love how you transferred from normal scale to small scale and I didn't even realize it the first time. Over all this was pretty awesome.

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