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20 Second Film Noir

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When a pretty girl meets an untimely end in Lego City, it's up to one man to solve the case.

Or not.

Made for EASTER 2015. Based on a throwaway joke originally intended for the last THAC but which was, ironically, more suited to this contest.

May require repeat viewings.

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Re: EASTER 2015: 20 Second Film Noir

I couldn't tell since it is in grayscale, but it looks like you used many colors for walls.  I probably would help to stick to one color or  try make it look planned.  The cinematography however was quite impressive, with a lot of great looking shots.

Re: EASTER 2015: 20 Second Film Noir

This is my favourite entry so far. I liked the concept and you fit a lot into 20 seconds well. I thought the shadow worked very nicely and I also enjoyed the score; was that original? Also, it's so great to see a new release from you after so many years.

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This is fun. I really like the car driving shots.

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That was a slick production. Ye there was some light flicker, but the mood and atmosphere of the greyscale alongside the sharp, sharp storyline translated really well into a 20 second short. My favourite.

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Wonderful film, Blue Ghost! I like cop mysteries. mini/smile

The animation was nice, could have been a bit smoother, but it's pretty good anyway. Even with your lack of LEGO bricks, your sets came together quite nicely. I too like the car driving shots, very creative (and reminiscent of old movies!). The voice acting was perfect. The joke was really funny too, and the whole film was extremely well put together.

Keep up the great work. mini/smile

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Re: EASTER 2015: 20 Second Film Noir

For a 20 second film, the pacing is spot-on. Love the concept and the driving scenes - the rear projection effect was perfect.

Congrats on a well-deserved victory!

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Yes! A slightly predictable plot, but in reality it takes place so fast that you don't really have time to think ahead and the punchline still takes you by surprise. So basically it's all ok.

This one certainly thought outside of the box, not only setting up, but solving, and then questioning the mystery all in a tightly packed but perfectly paced film. EASTER films tend towards bright colors and happy plots, so this stood out immediately as going in a very different, and obviously very rewarding, direction.

The grayscale image, with the opening narration and background music, set the tone immediately, and the "Rabbi" hint was incredibly clever, and perfectly set up the twist ending.

Congratulations on first place, you've done a fantastic job, and certainly earned it.

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Well, that's an interesting take on the source material...

I love this.  The pacing and writing is perfect.  You managed to pack a lot into this film without making it feel overly rushed, and no second is wasted.  I love how you managed to make this feel equal parts vintage Brickfilm and classic Noir.  The black-and-white, simple sets, lighting (love the shadow at the end), and even light flicker somehow work together really well.  I also really dig the car driving shot and music.

All in all, excellent work and a lot of good stuff here.  This definitely deserved to win first place in EASTER.

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Re: EASTER 2015: 20 Second Film Noir

Thanks to everyone, I'm really grateful for all the great comments and feedback. I'm certainly surprised this film got the reaction it did! As mentioned it's my first real film in many years. Back with a vengeance? You decide mini/tongue

For this film I decided to depart from my typical approach of editing audio to existing animation. The story was written, the  a storyboard completed,  and the audio, including original music, was fleshed out in complete form long before a frame of animation was shot. For my first time ever for a film, I also created a storyboard animatic so I could get a feel for the film's pacing. I figured pacing was especially important because each small increment of time was so valuable.

The actual animation, however, due to procrastination, was not completed until less than 24 hours before the deadline. I was also beset with technical difficulties; I was shooting with a DSLR and a preview camera, and after the preview camera charger died all I could do was point a secondary camera at the DSLR's video out-put. Obviously, the result was of a quality which was far inferior to a direct digital connection or a live-view system. My suspicion is that this film could've been technically sharper had I had a bit more control over the preview mode.

I'm glad the car scenes were appreciated as a nod to vintage cinema! They were heavily inspired by both films I had seen, and the method of Night Owl in Weed Cops (one of my favorite brickfilmers). The overhead shot was actually the entire set on its side with the floor facing the camera, since I didn't have the hardware to get a true overhead view.

I actually went to sleep halfway through animation, discouraged and figuring I would scrap the film, but for some reason I woke up inspired and finished it. I'm glad I did! On the whole it was fun to make and participate in this contest. I've definitely got the bug for making films again, and what better than a short film contest to do that?

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Re: EASTER 2015: 20 Second Film Noir

The animation and sets felt a bit rushed here, but the story and timing were great. Nice job.