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Lego S.W.A.T. Attack

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This is an old one me and my friend Liam made a while back. Enjoy Your PANTS off!!!

Re: Lego S.W.A.T. Attack

Near the end, there was a particularly neat shot where the camera circled around a sniper atop his perch, which reminded me of some of the really interesting stuff Namchild did in his popular film Through the Hatch.  I liked that!

A few tips to keep in mind:
Currently, the frame-rate is a little low, and a certain level of fluidity in the animation is missing.  I'd suggest upgrading your frame-rate to 12 or 15 FPS.  If you ease in and out, even 12 can look pretty good!
And on that same point I'd suggest focusing on easing in and out a lot.  it's a great way to make your film looks a lot better.  An important rule to remember is that every motion should have at least a few frames bringing it from point A to point B.

Another tip I'd suggest is first having a scene before some action starts to give us a little bit of an exposition to get us into the film so we know the setting.  This could be as simple as the head swat guy giving his swat buddies a short little briefing on what their current mission is.  Alternatively, you could have it instead be about the crooks running through their plans before they act and then SWAT shows up.