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Thank you all, been blown away by the response to this so far!

Littlebrick wrote:

On a technical note, I really loved the transition shots, but especially the one from the bench to the bed.

DigitalWizardStudio wrote:

I really liked how you did the transition form the bench scene to the bed at night.  Was it shot optically or done in post?  or both?

Kd2000 wrote:

Kicking the bed sheets, the tower collapsing, the time lapse, the wobble of the flag pole, the transitions to and out of the bench. All so perfect.

AJVfilms wrote:

This was very inspiring! I don't want to repeat exactly what everyone else has said but the animation,music, transitions, and message was great! mini/bigsmile

Thanks! The transitions were an interesting experiment, and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, for the most part.

They were accomplished in two ways. The transition from white-to-park was done digitally - I shot animation of the character sitting down on the white expanse backdrop and then reshot it in front of a greenscreen with a lighting setup to better match the park sequence. I don't think I set up those two effects plates properly, though, so I ended up having the transition start after he finished the sit-down animation because it was easiest to work with.

The second was done practically. I shot two different versions of the character "falling over," one on the park bench and another on his bed (which meant I had to recreate the character position and the tilting camera movement to get them to match up. That certainly was an experience, haha). I initially wanted to stitch them together in post, but the lighting schemes on the two scenes are so radically different that there would have been no good way to do that. Luckily, I did a good enough job of matching the character's positioning in both shots that just having one shot simply fade into the other looked fine enough.

Woodrow Village wrote:

The soundtrack really added a lot to this. Great job! mini/smile

Thank you! Early on, I knew exactly the kind of tone I wanted the music to have, and I was weary about spending money on a royalty-free track that might accomplish what I had in mind, so I ended up writing it myself. This is the second film of mine that I've written music to, so I'm still very new to the world of film composing, but I was really happy with how it turned out in this. mini/smile

Speaking of which, I didn't want to bring this up on the film's release, but it looks like somewhere in the translation from my final render to The School of Life's upload, the video got sped up slightly and the audio was strangely affected. Everything sounds about an octave higher than what I originally submitted to them.

It's not really that big of a deal, I think the film still works, but if anyone is curious to hear how the audio/music originally sounded when it was rendered from my computer, you can watch the initial draft I submitted here with the proper audio.

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Re: Keep Going

very nice message! smooth animation, probably one of my favorites! mini/smile