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Lego - Hairdressing Salon


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Re: Lego - Hairdressing Salon

Hairdressing Salon is a great example of what a short-subject brickfilm should be! It's pretty ambitious, and, while not particularly first-class animation, it does have some very strong moments. The cinematography and camera work are particularly impressive, as is the sound design. Most films tend to have some source too loud (like the music, or sound effects), however, Salon has a well-rounded mix overall.

It's definitely a brickfilm that I would recommend to any newcomers looking to improve upon their skills. There's a lot to take from a film such as this! mini/smile

Re: Lego - Hairdressing Salon

I enjoyed this as well.  I did expect more of a Lego Friends-type film when I read the title, though.

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Re: Lego - Hairdressing Salon

Cool stuff, I liked the special effects you made with the sink and razor.

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