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The Right Person


Another brickfilm me and Bricknerd made for the School of Life youtube channel. Enjoyyy

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Once again, love the visuals and the animation. Still a little on-the-fence about the message, though.

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I thought the message was really great! Nobody is perfect and anything and everything will work out if you work with it. Also SWEET set design.

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Nice work once again, KG. Great animation and set design, and I think you captured the spirit of the narration quite well.

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I'm gonna have to remember that design for a LEGO Keurig

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Also, now I gotta hurry up and finish my School of Life video.

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Set design was great, and the message was spot on. I did feel like the animation could have a bit more life to it. I like that they were watching What Is This I Don't Even at the end there. I've got to try that on a date sometime.

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