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iWater (1984-2015) - Steffen Troeger, Cornelius Koch
golego animation


thanks again to all supporters for the fantastic voices

edit: iWater Making-of:

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Great job, Steffen and everyone else! This was really hilarious! mini/lol

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A nine minute running time, a parody of Apple specifically, and tech companies in general, and a great use of large scale sets and real water/snow effects. This already had several amazing things going for it, but the great cinematography and progression of the story just made it that much better.

I could write a much longer review, but this really doesn't need it.
Sure, some of the animation could be better, but you also make use of some unusual and fun movements to give each person some extra life and character. So many animators use just one style and every figure moves basically the same, but you've gone above and beyond that, showing your attention to little details and things most people don't catch.

The story seems a bit random and odd the first time through, but later viewings show the genius that was put into this. The parallels between earlier and later shots. (0:52 and 5:33 with the final scene, for example) The random interrupting ads that appear to not have any connection to anything, only later to reveal key elements to the story, and the mocking of the usually blindly praised Apple is a nice relief from the norm.

The voice acting is good, and the "Steve Jobs" character sounds perfect for a tech presentator.
Sure, it has a few flaws, but it's a pretty sweet film. Great job!

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It was hard to understand, but I think I figured it out. Nice film. The animation was a bit rough at times, but it didn't take away from it much. Good job. mini/smile

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Wonderful. Great look, natural voice acting, well-executed story that kept me interested and many details and intricacies to spot. Everything worked very well. I know it's early yet but this is the best brickfilm I have seen this year so far. Great work, Steffen and Cornelius!

Edit: Actually, Paint provides good competition. Looks like 2015 is off to a nice start for brickfilms.

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Excellent job! I really loved it! Pritchard basically summed up how I feel, so no need for me to repeat it.

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thank you all for watching iWater so far mini/wink

it was a really cool production, smooth process and a lot of fun together animating and creating the story around it with Cornelius Koch, in my little golego studio. The project itself was timed over nearly 2 years, all tough we have only seen us to animate within a few weekends.
Most of the time "iWater" was sleeping on my hard-disc as we did not want to publish it ´cause it is submitted to an international Festival of animated Film. Hope will will get a positive answer within the next weeks to have "iWater" on a big screen.

i am still on editing a little making of - now there is another project in between.
but here is a side by side clip, showing our LEGO animated version
of Apple´s 1984 Super Bowl Commercial introducing the first Macintosh Computer,
as seen in iWater, and beeing part of the story itself.

have fun,


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a last sip of iWater:

iWater - Making-of